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Red Pocket Mobile Is Offering $250 Off Any iPhone + $20 Off AirPods

Red Pocket Mobile Offering $250 Off Any iPhone Purchase When Bundled With A Plan
Red Pocket Mobile Offering $250 Off Any iPhone Purchase When Bundled With A Plan
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Red Pocket Mobile has launched a new and limited-time promotion.  Customers will save $250 on the purchase price of any iPhone and $20 on AirPods when the purchase is bundled with select phone plans.

Red Pocket's iPhone Discount Offer Details

This offer is valid today, January 17, 2020, and will run until January 22nd.  To get the discount, customers must purchase two years of service in advance on one of several Red Pocket Mobile GSMA phone plans.  Plan options vary a bit based on which iPhone model is selected.  Red Pocket Mobile's GSMA network plans use AT&T towers to provide service to subscribers.  Red Pocket says their unlimited talk and text plan with 7GB of 4G LTE data is one of their most popular plans.  Pricing for the different available iPhone models that can be bundled with that plan are shown below.

ModelMSRPFinal Device PriceDevice Monthly Payment w/ 24 mo. 0% financingPhone + Unlimited Everything w/ 7GB LTE
iPhone 7 32GB$399.00$149.00$6.21$36.21
iPhone 7 plus 32GB$449.00$199.00$8.29$38.29
iPhone 8 64GB$449.00$199.00$8.29$38.29
iPhone 8 plus 64GB$549.00$299.00$12.46$42.46
iPhone XR 64GB$599.00$349.00$14.54$44.54
iPhone 11 64GB$699.00$449.00$18.71$48.71
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB$999.00$749.00$31.21$61.21
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB$1,099.00$849.00$35.38$65.38

Taxes and fees for both the phone and phone plan do cost extra.  Some of the storage configuration models shown are actually sold out at the moment.  It's not known if they'll be made available again before the promotion ends.

Different storage configuration models are available with each iPhone.  What is shown in the table above are the cheapest available iPhone options.   iPhone 11 models require customers to purchase either an unlimited plan with 7GB of data ($30/month), 15GB of 4G LTE data ($40) month, or unlimited LTE data ($60/month).  For the remaining models, customers can also elect to choose a plan with unlimited talk and text and 3GB of hard capped data for $20/month or a plan with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB of hard-capped data for about $15/month.  Those who elect to purchase either of the two lower priced plans will only receive $75 off their iPhone purchase.  AirPods are also available for $139 once a plan and phone have been added to the customer's shopping cart.

The iPhones are being sold locked but can be unlocked under the following stipulations:

  1. Device isn't reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraud.
  2. The device is not associated with a fraudulent account:
    1. Device has been active for at least 120 days (if you bought it on an installment plan) otherwise must have remained active at least 180 days OR
    2. Members of the military who are being deployed, and their family members on the same plan, may be eligible to unlock their phone upon verification of deployment papers OR
    3. Red Pocket Mobile may at its sole discretion unlock device upon request which may not qualify above.

Red Pocket Mobile recently reached an agreement with Apple to allow them to offer Facetime, MMS picture messaging and more with their GSMA based plans.  Prior to the agreement, those features were blocked from working on that network.  Due to the agreement, it's likely will see more offers from Red Pocket Mobile revolving around the iPhone moving forward.  Even though it comes with financing, for me, a two-year plan purchase agreement is too much of a price to pay for a deal.  What do you think?

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