Red Pocket Adds More Data To One Plan, Eliminates Another

Red Pocket Mobile Adds More Data For The 2018 New Year
Red Pocket Mobile Adds More Data For The 2018 New Year


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Red Pocket Mobile has entered the new year by making some changes to its phone plans.  The company has eliminated its $45 plan that contained 5 GB of data with unlimited talk and text.  The $60 plan got a data increase.  It now contains 10GB of 4G LTE data before throttling whereas it previously came with 8GB of data.  Red Pocket says that this data increase is promotional.  Those who subscribe to the plan will get 10GB of data for the duration of the promotion. No end date for the promotion has been given.

With the changes in place, Red Pocket Mobile's phone plan lineup now looks like this:

  • $10 -  500 minutes, 500 texts, 500 MB of 4G LTE data
  • $15 - 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts, 1GB of 4G LTE data
  • $19 ($20 without auto refill) - Unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of 4G LTE data
  • $25 ($30 without auto refill) - Unlimited talk and text with 1.5 GB of 4G LTE data
  • $30 ($35 without auto refill) - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 3 GB at 4G LTE speeds
  • $60 - Unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10GB at 4G LTE speeds
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Red Pocket's phone plans can be used on any major network in the USA including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.  International calling to 72 countries is included no matter which network you choose and at no extra cost.  International text messaging is also available on the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile networks.

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Editor's Take

Red Pocket Mobile's $45 plan was no longer competitive in the market place, as unlimited LTE data plans are now available at that price. However, there is now a huge gap in Red Pocket Mobile's pricing scheme.  There is no plan priced between $30 and $60 so I am wondering if Red Pocket will soon announce some more new plans, or if the $45 plan was removed by mistake.  It's also possible that Red Pocket will fill that void with plans that it offers exclusively through its eBay or Amazon stores.

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The $60 plan with 10 GB of data isn't super competitive either.  Other T-Mobile and Sprint MVNO's offer much more data for less money.  Some AT&T and Verizon MVNO's like Straight Talk also offer more data for less money.  Although you don't get a lot of data with the $60 plan compared to other MVNO's, keep in mind that you do get unlimited international calling and texting, which is something that isn't available on all other MVNO's.

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Charles Simpson
Charles Simpson

Are you sure about the $25 auto pay plan having 3gb of LTE? according to their website they have a $25 autopay plan that has 1.5gb of LTE and a $30 autopay plan that has 3gb.