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All Red Pocket Mobile GSMA Network Plans Are Now $1

Activate Any Red Pocket Mobile Plan For $1
Activate Any Red Pocket Mobile Plan For $1
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Red Pocket Mobile has launched another promotion. New customers who activate on a Red Pocket Mobile GSMA network plan will get their first month of service for just $1. This offer replaces a previous one that gave new customers any GSMA or CDMAS plan for $5. Red Pocket Mobile refers to its AT&T based plans as GSMA and Sprint based plans as CDMAS.

Offer Fine Print

Customers wishing to take Red Pocket Mobile up on the offer will have to purchase a SIM card priced at $5. There is not an exact end date specified for the promo, but subscribers must activate service by 5/8/2020 to qualify to get their first month of service for $1.

Red Pocket Mobile is running this promotion alongside another. For a limited time, the MVNO is offering current and new subscribers bonus data with select plans. An end date has not been specified for this promotion either. I'm told subscribers will get the promo data when they renew their plans as long as the promo is still running.

Customers wishing to get their first month of service on a GSMA plan for $1 can choose from one of the following options with the bonus data allotments highlighted where applicable. The monthly renewal price for each phone plan is what is shown.

  • $10/month - 500 minutes, 500 texts, 500MB hard-capped 4G LTE data.
  • $15/month - 3GB of high-speed data, normally includes 1GB
  • $19/month - 8GB of high-speed data, normally includes 3GB
  • $30/month - 15GB of high-speed data, normally includes 7GB
  • $40/month - 30GB of high-speed data, normally includes 15GB
  • $60/month - unlimited talk, text, and LTE data

Unless otherwise stated, all plans include unlimited talk, text, and data with the specified amount of data each month at high-speed before throttling to 2G data speeds. International calling and texting and mobile hotspot are included with each plan.

Red Pocket Mobile does have an unusual data prioritization policy with its unlimited LTE data plan that prospective subscribers should be aware of. Subscribers whose data usage exceeds an average of 1GB of usage per day during a billing cycle for an extended period of time may have their data speeds reduced.

iPhone SE 2020 $199 Deal

The provider is also running a promo around the iPhone SE 2020. Customers who purchase an iPhone SE from Red Pocket and bundle it with select plans can get the phone for as little as $199.00.

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