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netTALK Launches CONNECT ON, $40/Month Featuring Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB LTE Data For Your Business

netTALK Wireless Launches CONNECT ON
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A new T-Mobile Business plan reseller has launched, netTALK CONNECT ON, powered by netTALK Wireless.  The company is currently offering just one plan and it is aimed at small businesses. The plan features the following:

  • No contracts
  • Unlimited Talk & Text while in the US, or traveling to Mexico and Canada
  • 10GB of 4G LTE data/month, data speeds reduced to 2G thereafter
  • Unlimited Music and Video Streaming aka Music Freedom and Binge On
  • Pricing $45/month, $40 with auto pay enabled

NetTALK says the current pricing offer is for a limited time only, after which prices will go up.  Pricing here seems a little bit higher than what competing reseller Smartel is offering, although some may feel more comfortable with netTALK knowing that they have been in business since 2008 at least according to their LinkedIn profile or 2007 by the netTALK CONNECT website.


netTALK says CONNECT ON subscribers will be able to port their number over free of charge, although I suspect that if you are coming from T-Mobile already you will need to get a new phone number or port your number elsewhere first.  Typically this is how T-Mobile resellers have operated in the past.  The company is also supporting bring your own device, although you will need to purchase a SIM card from them to get service.

Those that are interested in the service can head on over to the netTALK CONNECT website to find out more and signup.

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