Net10 an Straight Talk Both Up Data Select Plans

Straight Talk $45 5 GB 4G LTE Data Plan


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Straight Talk $45 5 GB 4G LTE Data Plan

Sister MVNOs Net10 Wireless and Straight Talk have upped data on what is likely their most popular plans.  Straight Talk Wireless's $45 plan and Net10's $50 plan ($45 with autopay) both recently got a data boost.  Previously the plans only included 3 GB of LTE data, or strangely 5 GB if you brought your own device.  Now both plans include 5 GB of LTE data regardless of if your bring your own device or not.  Both MVNOs provide service that utilizes all 4 major USA wireless networks.

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Net10's family plans which cost $85/2 lines, $125/3 lines, $165/4 lines also saw their data allotments increase from 3 GB of 4G LTE per line to 5 GB per line.

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Depending on which major network you are interested in using, these plans could be quite a deal for some of you out there.

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