Mint SIM Continues To Offer Promo Featuring Unlimited Talk, Text And 10 GB Data For $20

Mint SIM New Customer Promo
Mint SIM New Customer Promo


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Mint SIM is a sub MVNO of Ultra Mobile.  The companies business model is aimed at getting subscribers to pay in advance for several months of service.  Subscribers can choose to pay in advance for either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

A site reader tipped me off to Mint SIM's latest promotion which is for new subscribers who are willing to pay in advance for 3 months of service.  Those that do, will find themselves with a pretty sweet deal.

All of Mint SIM's plans include unlimited talk, text and data with varying amounts of high speed data.   With that in mind, here is a list of the promotional offerings from Mint SIM.

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Pay 3 Months In Advance Promotional Offerings

  1. Small Plan - 2 GB 4G LTE data per month, $11.67/month or $35 total.  Regular price is $23/month or $69 total.
  2. Medium Plan - 5 GB 4G LTE data per month, $16.67/month or $50 total.  Regular price is $33/month or $50 total.
  3. Large Plan - 10 GB 4G LTE data per month, $20/month or $60 total.  Regular price is $39.67/month or $119 total.
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There are no activation fees with Mint SIM and taxes are minimal except in the state of California where users will have to pay an MTS tax which could reach as high as double digits.  Wi-Fi calling and texting are included with all plans as long as your phone supports the service and you have a specific SIM card from Mint that also supports the feature.


This promotion is almost a no lose situation for those looking for a new provider that offers service on the T-Mobile network.  In some cases the upfront costs for 3 months of service are almost identical to what you would pay for one month of service from another carrier.  For instance, Walmart Family Mobile is charging $50 for unlimited talk, text and data with the first 10 GB at high speeds, and that's just for 1 month of service.  With Mint SIM you could pay just $10 more and get 3 months of service.

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The only real risk I could potentially see here, is that since Mint SIM is a sub MVNO of Ultra Mobile, I’m not sure what network prioritization will be like.  MVNO’s themselves are always prioritized below postpaid subscribers on the parent network, although for a majority this does not present any real world issues in terms of network performance and speed.  As a sub MVNO, where would Mint SIM fall on the prioritization totem pole?
Any Mint SIM users out there to comment on this?  I should have a full review of Mint SIM coming in the next several months, at which time I should be able to answer this question with first hand experience.

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Ringplus refugee here. Jumped to MintSIM after the port to Ting.
Because Sprint coverage is next to nothing where I am I was considering ATT Go Phone (again) and then found MintSIM.
Got in on a promo for the year which averages out to about 18 bucks with 2 gigs of data monthly and it works great. No dropped calls and if I need extra highspeed data I can add 3 gigs for….20Bucks!! Who does that?!?!? Lol.
So all in all, so far, a good move I think.


Mintsim CA user here for only 3 days so far (signed up for 1 yr Unlimited Talk/Text 5GB data..Around $22/mo MTS/taxes included) T-Mobile dominates my area of Los Angeles (loyal T-Mobile network user here since carrier inception in early 2000s..To Straight talk and back to T-Mobile). Porting over from my last Walmart T-Mobile $30 100min/5GB UL data plan to the Mintsim website is smooth as butter and a total no brainer. No difference in performance between the two. Can’t be any happier. Mintsim won me over.


I was ringplus survivor and looking for cheap plans, orderd Mint Sim for 2 months , which I agree they messed up and signed me for 3 months after following up on chat which is more effective than calling them they gave me 3 12 months for $166 Taxes. And I am using it since last 1 month here are my 2 cents: Pros: Cheap, convenient to switch, nice coverage in my area, pretty g8 speed as compared to ringplus, wifi calling, cheap international calling Cons: Yearly plan which can get you in trouble if you get another cheap carrier,… Read more »

Kay Bee
Kay Bee

I am using Mint Sim for the last 1.5 months now and here are my 2 cents:
Pros: Cheap, convenient to switch, decent coverage
Cons: Network not as good as other MVNOs (Verizon and AT&T), speed can be extremely slow in certain areas and

fred ellerson
fred ellerson

With talk that Tmobile & Sprint may merge, who knows how long this MintSim will even be in business? THEN, what happens to your money? *poof*?