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Mint Mobile Airing 5 Holiday TV Ads, Largely Focused On BOGO Offer

Mint Mobile's Three Month Free Offer Now Featured In Multiple TV Ads (Offer On Display At Local Area Best Buy)
Mint Mobile's Three Month Free Offer Now Featured In Multiple TV Ads (Offer On Display At Local Area Best Buy)
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Mint Mobile has been busy pumping out TV ads this holiday season. A total of five new ads have recently been airing and that number doesn't even include the "Ghost Story" TV ad that Mint was running in November.

All but one of Mint's current crop of holiday TV ads are focused on its offer of buy three months get three months free on any plan, an offer they also had last year. One ad touts Mint Mobile's Samsung Galaxy A12 phone deal. A couple of ads are the same ones Mint ran during the 2020 holiday shopping season.

Mint Mobile "Holidays: Snowman Stock Video" TV Ad

Mint Mobile has recently launched a holiday video ad dubbed "Holidays: Snowman Stock Video." It starts off with Ryan Reynolds stating that as an owner of the company "my goal is to save our money so we can save you money." Reynolds goes on to say that by using $400 stock video footage we can afford to offer new subscribers a great deal. A video is then displayed showing a snowman next to what appears to be a sparkler. Ryan then goes on to highlight Mint's buy three months get three months free offer. The video continues by circling back to the snowman, with Reynolds wondering "why someone made stock footage of a snowman sitting next to an explosive device that's about to blow?" You can watch the ad below.

Of the five recently launched ads, this one appears to be getting aired the most, at least through digital media channels. The ad was launched just three days ago on Mint Mobile's public YouTube channel. It's already received 1.8 million views. Of course, it may have been airing as an unlisted ad on the channel well before that. Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research tells me that the ad has aired more than 60 times on TV since launching on 12/1 on the FX channel.

Mint's other Holiday ads all start off basically the same way, with Reynolds emphatically stating Mint is not into wasting money and his goal is to spend as little money as possible on things like commercials to help save customers money.

A variation of the snowman ad first aired last year. In place of the snowman, Reynolds said Mint bought stock video footage for $500 that featured another hand which is used to help highlight the BOGO offer. Mint is showing that ad once again this year, and it appears to have aired a limited number of times on TV. You can watch it here. The ad was also tweaked to reair this year to highlight a deal on the Samsung Galaxy A12 instead of the BOGO offer. Mint is offering 12 months of free service with the purchase of 12 months of service and a phone. The Samsung Galaxy A12 deal costs $360 for the phone plus 12 months of service on Mint's $15/month annual plan with 4GB of monthly data. Customers also get an additional 12 months on the plan for free.

Another brand new TV ad for this year, which you can check out here, has Reynolds mentioning Mint spent just $79 on stock video footage for their ad to bring you the BOGO offer. And one other TV ad shows stock video footage of Reynolds himself in the ad. That ad has aired over 700 times since 11/23.

As far as I'm aware, six-plus different TV ads airing in a two-month time span are the most Mint has ever aired. But it's not necessarily the most amount of repeated airings. Wave7 Research reports that Mint Mobile's "Ryan & Waseem: $15 Per Month" TV ad aired 2,700 times between 1/27/21 and 11/15/21.

“Mint Mobile is relentlessly engaged in building a brand, using a mix of TV and digital advertising, with each playing off the other, while going on the offensive in national retail. Having a celebrity like Ryan Reynolds on board has supercharged these efforts. We’re now seeing phones from Mint Mobile on the main prepaid display at Target, while continuing to see a presence for Mint SIMs at Best Buy.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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