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Transfer To MetroPCS And Get An iPhone 6S For Just $49.99

MetroPCS Back To School Offers Include An iPhone 6S For $49.99
MetroPCS Back To School Offers Include An iPhone 6S For $49.99


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T-Mobile has announced several promotions for its prepaid brand MetroPCS.  New subscribers who port their number in can get an iPhone 6s for just $49.99.  This is just one of several special offers available to new port-ins.

iPhone 6S Offer Terms And Conditions

The $49.99 iPhone 6s deal is part of MetroPCS's back to school promo.  Customers that switch to MetroPCS can get $200 off the purchase of any phone.  The iPhone 6s is currently on sale for $249.99, but new customers get the additional $200 off.

This offer is available in store only at participating MetroPCS locations.  There is a limit of 5 phones allowed to be purchased per account and household.  To get the discount MetroPCS requires you to subscribe to one of their unlimited LTE data plans.  The prepaid provider sells 2 unlimited LTE plans and they are as follows:

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  • $50/month - unlimited everything, but no hotspot allowed and video streaming limited to a maximum resolution of 480p.  Save - get 2 lines for $80/month.
  • $60/month - unlimited everything.  Includes 10GB of 4LTE hotspot data before throttling. Video streams limited to a maximum resolution of 480p.  Save - add additional lines for $30/month.  A maximum of 4 lines allowed.
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MetroPCS has a generous data prioritization policy in place that works similar to other unlimited plans on the market.  Those that consume more than 35GB of data in a month may have their data speeds temporarily reduced during times of heavy network congestion.  The prices shown includes taxes.  There is a $10 per line activation fee.

More Fine Print

If you are currently on the T-Mobile network or have been active on the network including with MetroPCS during the past 90 days, you are excluded from this promotion.  T-Mobile MVNO subscribers are also likely not eligible for the discount.

Other $200 Off Discounted Phone Deals


  • iPhone 7 32GB for $349, regularly priced at $549
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB for $469, regularly priced at $669
  • iPhone 8 64GB for $499, regularly priced at $699
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB for $599, regularly priced at $799
  • iPhone X 64GB for $799, regularly priced at $999


  • Samsung Galaxy S9 for $499, regular price $699

Free Phones

If there's a phone you want that costs less than $200, it is now available for free to switchers.  The following phones are free:

  • LG Stylo 3 & 4
  • LG K20 Plus
  • LG Aristo 2
  • LG Aristo
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 & J7 Prime
  • HTC Desire 530
  • Moto E
  • ZTE Avid Trio
  • ZTE Blade Z Max
  • ZTE Avid 4
  • Alcatel A30 FIERCE
  • Cooldpad Defiant
  • iPhone SE
  • Alcatel 7

Additional Offers

Get $200 Off The Purchase Of A Second Phone

Buy An iPhone And Get $200 Off Any iPhone, Or Get An iPhone SE For Free With Purchase Of An iPhone X

New and existing customers that purchase a second phone can save $200 off the cost of the price of the second phone.  The discount will come in the form of an instant rebate and the second phone must be of equal or lesser value than the first.  MetroPCS says the first phone purchased must be a "premium phone", which judging from one ad suggests it is just for iPhones.  They are also pushing the iPhone SE hard.  The iPhone SE is still available for free to switchers as part of their get an amazing iPhone on us offer.  And new customers can actually get 2 iPhone SE's for free with the activation of 2 lines.

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Current customers who add a line are also eligible to get a LG K20 Plus, Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime or Alcatel A30 FIERCE for half off.  Customers who purchase an iPhone X can also opt to get an iPhone SE for free.

Free Month Of Service For BYOD Customers

Customers who bring their own T-Mobile compatible phone to MetroPCS will get their second month of service for free.

MetroPCS Unlocking Policy

Keep in mind that MetroPCS requires you to keep the line active on the network for at least 180 consecutive days before it can be unlocked.  So you can't just purchase one of these greatly discounted devices and expect to take them elsewhere.

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Rose Gibson
Rose Gibson
1 year ago

I have been with metro for 4yrs and would like to know why metro dont offer a great deal on phones for existing customers. I am thinking about switching to another company because it seems as though metro dont care if you stay a loyal customer

2 years ago

My daughter wants the I phone 6s, but I was wondering if I can still get the deal? She’s never had a line before so she can’t switch from a company. This would be he first company that she’s applied to.

Catherine A. McClarey
Catherine A. McClarey
2 years ago

I’ve seen some good reviews of the LG Stylo 4 on YouTube. Given that both the Stylo 3 and Stylo 4 are included in the Metro PCS free phone promo, the only reason I can see to opt for the Stylo 3 would be if one’s Metro PCS store were out of the Stylo 4 and one really wanted a phone with a stylus.

Robert S.
Robert S.
2 years ago

Is the unlimited plan a contract or could somebody swap to a cheaper plan the next month? I could use an unlimited plan, but at $50/month it’s too rich for my blood. I could do one month at $50.