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Metro’s Holiday Offers Include 4 Unlimited Lines For $100 And Zero Fees To Switch

Metro By T-Mobile Holiday Shopping 2020 Offers Are Out
Metro By T-Mobile Holiday Shopping 2020 Offers Are Out
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Metro by T-Mobile has released its holiday 2020 offers. Now featured atop of Metro's website are the words "Zero fees to switch to Metro this holiday. No activation fees. No phone rebates needed." The fine print points out that "no phone rebates needed" only applies to Android phones. If you want an iPhone deal, it may require a rebate.

There are now over 10 free phone offers available. Metro is also featuring a new tagline in stores to celebrate the holiday offerings with "Rule Your Holiday." It's a play on the "Rule Your Day" tagline and marketing campaign that they've been running for most of the year. There's also a new 4-lines for $100 offer and an offer of 2 free LG phones with 2 free tablets.

Metro's 10+ Free Phone Offers Detailed And Fine Print Explained

Metro's free phone offers are only available through local dealers. A few of the offers are highlighted on Metro's website. Here's a table of all the free devices.

Featured Metro by T-Mobile Android Free Phone Deals November 2020 - December 2020
PhoneUpgradeNew LinePort-In Pricing
Alcatel 3V$129.99$29.99Free
LG Aristo 4+$59.99FreeFree
LG Aristo 5$69.99FreeFree
LG K40$119.99$19.99Free
LG K51$129.99FreeFree
LG Stylo 6$199.99$99.99Free
Motorola Moto E$69.99FreeFree
Moto G7 Play$99.99$19.99Free
Moto G Stylus$179.99$79.99Free
Samsung Galaxy A01$59.99FreeFree
Samsung Galaxy A11$129.99FreeFree
Samsung Galaxy A10e$119.99$19.99Free
Samsung Galaxy A21$199.99$99.99Free
T-Mobile Revvl 4$49.99FreeFree
T-Mobile Revvl 4+$129.99$29.99Free

Although Metro isn't charging activation or switcher fees, customers will still have to pay taxes on their free device. There is a limit of one free phone allowed per porting line. A valid ID will also be required to get the offers. Phone numbers currently active on the T-Mobile network or on Metro by T-Mobile in the past 180 days are not eligible for the deals. The free phone offers appear to be available with a port to any Metro phone plan.

Metro is promoting the free phone offers alongside its offers of 4 unlimited lines for $100 and one line of unlimited for $40/month.

Metro's 4 Unlimited Lines For $100 Offer Details

Metro's 4 unlimited lines for $100 deal gets you unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data with taxes and fees included in the price. Customers that consume more than 35GB of data in a billing cycle may have their data speeds temporarily slowed during times of network congestion. Video streaming on the plan is limited to a resolution of 480p and tethering is not allowed. The offer doesn't include the freebies that Metro's other unlimited plans include such as a free Amazon Prime subscription or Google One subscription.

2 Free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets

Customers can also opt to get an offer of 2 free LG K51 phones and 2 Alcatel JOY TAB 2 tablets. The tablets are available for free after rebate. The rebate gets issued after 3-months of service. Customers must also subscribe to a tablet plan which starts at $15/month for unlimited data. And of course, the two free phone offers require the activation of a phone plan.

iPhone Deals

Metro by T-Mobile will continue to offer a couple of iPhone switcher deals including the iPhone SE for $49.99. A free iPhone 7 offer for switchers is available too. Customers can also get $200 off any iPhone 12 model. These are all in-store only deals.

$200 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard

The offer for online switchers of a $200 virtual prepaid mastercard remains in place as a holiday deal.

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