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MetroPCS Sends Mixed Signals, Adds More Hotspot Data To Unlimited Plan But Lowers Data Included With $40 Plan

MetroPCS Increases Hotspot Data On Unlimited Data Plan
MetroPCS Increases Hotspot Data On Unlimited Data Plan


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T-Mobile owned MetroPCS just altered its phone plans to what will likely be mixed fanfare.

MetroPCS's $60 unlimited data plan just got more hotspot data.  The plan now comes with 10 GB of 4G LTE hotspot data.  Previously it contained 8 GB.

For reasons unknown, MetroPCS decreased the amount of data that comes with its $40 cell phone plan.  Previously the plan contained 6 GB of high speed data, but now it only comes with 5 GB.

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With the plan changes, MetroPCS's new phone plan lineup now looks like this:

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amounts at high speed.

  • $30/month - 2 GB data
  • $40/month - 5 GB data plus unlimited streaming music from select providers that does not count against your high speed data cap
  • $50/month - unlimited 4G LTE data, no mobile hotspot, plus unlimited music streaming from select providers that does not count against your data prioritization cap
  • $60/month - unlimited 4 G LTE data, 10 GB of mobile hotspot, plus unlimited music streaming from select providers that does not count against your data prioritization cap
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Subscribers can add additional lines to each of the above plans at a cost of $30/line.   A maximum of 5 lines are allowed with each account.  Taxes and fees are included in all the prices shown.  Plans include "Data Maximizer" which limits video streaming to 480p.  On the unlimited 4G LTE data plans, MetroPCS may temporarily slow down your data speeds during times of heavy network traffic once you consume more than 35 GB of data in a month.


MetroPCS's updated phone plans are certainly a mixed bag.

The increased allotment of mobile hotspot data included with the $60 plan is likely in response to Cricket Wireless's recent policy change.   Cricket Wireless just started allowing those on its unlimited data plan to add 8 GB of hotspot to their plan for an additional $10/month.  With mobile hotspot and auto pay billing enabled, Cricket Wireless customers pay $65/month for their plan.  Besides being cheaper in price, MetroPCS seems to have decided that adding more hotspot data to its plan would make it more appealing to new and prospective customers compared to Cricket's offering.

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The drop in data on the $40 plan is a bit harder to understand, and it is not the first time that MetroPCS has made such a move.  A few times over the past year we've seen MetroPCS drop the amount of data included with its $30 plan from 2 GB to 1 GB only to bring it back up to 2 GB again.   We may see the same thing happen again here with the $40 plan.

It's possible the MVNO may be trying to put a data squeeze on its customers to try and get them to move up to the $50 plan which is perhaps more profitable for the company.  The plan is certainly a lot less attractive now at least when compared to AT&T Prepaid where customers can get unlimited talk, text and data with the first 6 GB of data at high speeds for $40 month.  The plan also includes full service roaming while in Mexico and Canada although taxes and fees are not included with AT&T Prepaid.


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Donna Isabel
Donna Isabel
1 year ago

I was going to switch. Nope. I’m with Boost and pay $60 for unlimted talk, text, and internet with 30g of mobile hotspot. That’s ridiculous to see that if I switched, I would only have 1/3 of the mobile hotspot with Metro. Thanks, but no thanks.

1 year ago

I have been with MetroPCS since April 2013 (I am satisfied until November 2018). They changed my TRULY unlimited DATA plan to 35GB (GigaByte) with 4G LTE (high speed), after that would be 3G/2G (slooooow down). Even though they gave me additional 2GB hotspot. The free hotspot is useless once after 35GB window limit. my hotspot for my computer won’t work with 3G/2G.

If I need to have enough 4G TLE for my hotspot, I need to pay $250 instead of $50 per month because I think I use 100-150 GB
every month. they offer customers $20 for 10GB 4G TLE data. so I00 GB extra data would cost me $200. What a rip off?!

what they did to me is unethical

I am thinking to take them to court because they changed my plan without my consent. They breached the contract.
Agree folks?

Thanks for listening. I am very pissed off. melanie

Billy Lark
Billy Lark
2 years ago

Well I may switch to another company if my data stops couse i can’t afford nothing over 40 dollars plan I’m at my limit now 10Gb

Robert Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
2 years ago

I pay $63 a month I should be able to have unlimited hotspot unlimited internet unlimited Music Unlimited videos unlimited text unlimited unlimited unlimited phone companies need to come out with a flat rate and just open up the lines my s*** is slow please open the lines up ..
I was always told on that tethering through your phone to a laptop or your computer should be no hassle but it’s been nothing but a sore for me slow service I use my dad up in three or four days makes no sense paying $10 for nothing…. MetroPCS come out with a basic plan to where I can just open up the floodgates….