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Metro By T-Mobile Drops Price Of iPhone SE 2020 To $49.99

Metro Now Offering iPhone SE 2020 For $49.99
Metro Now Offering iPhone SE 2020 To Switchers For $49.99
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Metro By T-Mobile has lowered the switcher price of the 64GB iPhone SE to $49.99. Since first launching on Metro back in April, it had been selling for $99.99. The firm Wave7 Research detailed the change in a report issued to subscribers. Also noted in the publication was a new TV ad touting the iPhone SE price drop.

Metro continues to use the tagline "Rule Your Day" in its new commercials. The first commercial featuring the "Rule Your Day" tagline was launched back in February.

Also now available to switchers is an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k or Echo Dot ON US offer. The Phone & Tablet ON US offer with 2 unlimited lines got a price increase from $65/month to $75/month and a new commercial.

Metro's $49.99 64GB iPhone SE 2020 Offer Details And Fine Print

The iPhone SE deal for switchers comes with the same basic fine print that it has had since the phone was first introduced as a deal at Metro back in April. It is an in-store only offer and requires that customers maintain active service with Metro for 6-months with autopay enabled on their accounts. Eligible customers that make the switch will immediately be rewarded with a $250 instant rebate and after 6-months a $100 virtual prepaid card. When the iPhone SE was $99.99, the instant rebate was $200.

Eligibility for the deal also requires that customers port in a number to any Metro plan. Eligible phone numbers are those that are not currently active with T-Mobile and those that have not been active at Metro in the past 90 days. A valid ID must also be presented when claiming the offer.

"This is an excellent deal, assuming the customer is fine with autopay and will remain with Metro for six months. Metro is reducing its risk on phone subsidization, as the customer has to be with Metro for six months for the price to actually work out to $49.99." - Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

New TV Ad Supporting The $49.99 iPhone SE Switcher Offer

Metro has updated one of its older TV commercials with the iPhone SE's new $49.99 pricing. Viewers are being told that they can now get the iPhone SE for "less than 50 bucks" when they switch. The ad also states that Metro is the number 1 brand in prepaid and of course features the Rule Your Day tagline. You can watch it below.

Wave7 Research reports that Metro still continues to air some of its older TV commercials. Ads touting Metro's $40 unlimited plan alongside the older $99.99 iPhone SE price continue to run despite the iPhone SE pricing change. You can view one of those older ads below, which is similar to the one above.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Or Echo Dot ON US Offer Details

Metro's homepage now contains an offer giving potential customers the option to get a free Fire TV Stick 4k or Echo Dot. The offer is for both new and current customers. New customers will have to switch to Metro's $60 unlimited data plan with Amazon Prime included, while current customers will need to either add a new line or upgrade their existing line of service to that $60 plan. Subscribers that meet the eligibility requirements can choose which one of the two devices they would like for free. There is a limit of one free device allowed per account/household.

Customers will not receive their free Fire TV Stick or Echo Dot directly from Metro. Those that meet the eligibility requirements will receive a special code from Metro by way of a text message that they can use at Amazon to claim their free device. Shipping charges and taxes may apply.

Other Changes And Ongoing Offers

Metro By T-Mobile continues to offer the iPhone 7 for $29.99 to switchers. The deal comes with the same basic fine print as the iPhone SE switcher deal except that 2 months of service is required.

Unfortunately, Metro's Phone + Tablet ON US + 2 unlimited lines offer seems to have gotten a price increase. The offer when first released in February gave customers a free phone and tablet and 2 unlimited lines for $65/month. The price is now $75/month, although the new offer may have some other differences compared to the original offer. The original offer gave customers phone service on Metro's $50 plan. The updated offer gives service on the $60 plan which includes a subscription to Amazon Prime, something that was not included in the original offer. The free devices being advertised are the Samsung Galaxy A11 and Alcatel Joy TAB. Other phone options may be available and dealers may be able to get you the old rate and plan or even another cheaper plan altogether if you ask for it. Ads touting the updated offer have been heard while streaming podcasts and music.

Starting on September 4, Metro will begin selling T-Mobile's REVVL phones including a new 5G REVVL device. The REVVL 5G will debut at Metro for $399.99, making it the cheapest available 5G phone on the market.

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