Next G Mobile Says Goodbye!

Joe Paonessa - Jan 3, 2014
In case you missed it, Next G Mobile, a former Verizon MVNO, went offline and out of business as of 12/31/2013.  This is one of the problems of smaller less known MVNO’s, they don’t always last.  So if you are thinking of switching to an MVNO, it’s always best to
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The Best MVNO’s And Prepaid Providers

Joe Paonessa - Oct 24, 2013
UPDATE:  7/17/2014 Being that Sprint MVNO Chit Chat Mobile no longer offers unlimited data, the best Sprint MVNO I can recommend now is FreedomPop.  For $20 a month you get unlimited talk and text as well as 1 GB LTE data that gets throttled to 3G but is unlimited once
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Coming Soon!

Joe Paonessa - Oct 18, 2013
We’ll soon be posting the latest MVNO and prepaid cellular news.
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