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A few weeks ago an article was posted on laying out some plans for the future of the website. One of the goals set forth was to get family plans integrated into the cell phone plan finding tool.

Today is pleased to announce that the cell phone plan finder tool now offers you the ability to search for phone plans for your family, with filters for how much talk, text and data that you use in a month. You pick what you need in a cell phone plan, and the plan finder tool will show you all the plans that meet your criteria.

The new feature is still in testing and there are some kinks that need to be worked out. There are also a few more plans that need to be added to the database, but I think things are off to a good start.

You can test out the tool by visiting this link:

Compare cell phone plans

and feel free to leave a comment with what you think.

In addition to the updated phone plan finder tool, is also pleased to announce updates to the pages that contain the details of a particular cell phone plan. You can now read more details about the plan, and get cost estimates of how much the plan will cost you for a year of service, for both single lines and multiple lines. You can see what one of these new updated pages look like by visiting the following link:

Boost Mobile unlimited LTE data cell phone plan

There are more updates on the way! Stay tuned! ????

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