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Over the past few weeks, some behind the scenes changes have been made to  Namely a better database of MVNO's has been built out with some new features added to the site here and there.

You can find that modified database containing a list of MVNO's here.  The page itself won't look a whole lot different than before, but how it works is in fact different.  Each MVNO in the list will now link to a profile page on about that MVNO with all you need to know about that provider.  The page will contain information about the provider such as their history, APNs, the plans that they offer, their latest deals and news as well as some commonly asked questions.  When applicable, a newsletter will even be offered to those who are interested in hearing the latest deals and promotions being offered by that provider.  Not every provider offers deals or changes their cell phone plans frequently enough to warrant a newsletter though, so in that type of case a subscription to other newsletters such as the Weekly will be offered.

An example of one of these new MVNO "about" pages can be found here with Freedompop.

Not every MVNO or carrier has had their page completed yet, but all of them have at least a basic outline.  I hope to have them completed in the next 1-2 months.

Some other planned changes include improving family plan and group plan structures.  That should be the next big update, and allow you to search for family and group plans by using the cell phone plan finder tool.

The navigation menu has also changed slightly, to hopefully better serve those who visit here that are not familiar with what an MVNO is.  The mobile menu has also been updated to look slicker.  The homepage got a small face lift as well, but you can expect further refinements in the coming weeks.

Although tested, with any big update there are bound to be bugs.  I've already found and fixed a few, and am aware of a few others that haven't been fixed yet.  If you find something or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to leave a comment, or send an email via the contact form.

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