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EcoMobile Relaunches With New Plans and Service

Ecomobile Launches New Plans With a Point System
Ecomobile Launches New Plans With a Point System
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Ecomobile Launches New Plans With a Point System
Ecomobile Launches New Plans With a Point System

Ecomobile formerly operated solely as a Sprint MVNO.  It still operates on Sprint today but now the company has added service on Verizon and T-Mobile as well.  To go with the new network providers the company has also released some new plans.  The new plans are rather interesting and they are designed almost like traditional Tracfone plans.  With Ecomobile, subscribers purchase a set of points every month.  Then, for every minute of talk or MB of data that gets used up, one point gets deducted from your monthly point allotment.  Some of the plans seem designed for data lovers, and I think some of you will appreciate that particularly if you are looking for cheap data on Verizon.  Lets have a look now at their new monthly plans.

Monthly Plans

All plans include free global texting.  Taxes and fees are included in the price.

  1. $35 for 3,000 points
  2. $45 for 5,000 points
  3. $55 for 7,000 points

If you need more points in a month, additional points can be purchased at a rate of $5 for 500 points.  An international add on package appears to be in the works as well.

The two plans at the opposite ends of the pricing spectrum are the ones that I think will be the most interesting for Verizon fans.  If you have followed along as to how their plan model works you can see that with the $35 plan you could essentially get 3GB of LTE data, however, that comes at the expense of talk, because you would have none if you used up all of your points on data.  This may work out well though for many of you who don't talk a lot on the phone.  There is no other Verizon MVNO out there that offers that much data for $35, which is what makes this a good deal for Verizon fans.  Even if you did use talk, something like 1000 minutes a month, you'd still be left with 2GB of LTE data which is still a great deal.  For the $55 plan, it is the same thing, no other Verizon MVNO offers that much data (7GB) at that price point.  The $45 plan though doesn't seem as competitive as Straight Talk, Net10 and ROK Mobile as they all seem to provide a better value because they all include unlimited talk with 5GB of 4G LTE data.  One thing to remember is Verizon MVNOs have their download speeds limited to 5Mbps and upload 2Mbps.


As far as using Ecomobile with the Sprint or T-Mobile network, pricing doesn't seem to stand out too much one way or another compared to other MVNOs on those networks.  Some may still find value though on the $35 and $55 plans.  Ecomobile's Sprint and T-Mobile based plans do not have their data throttled.

Pay As You Go

Ecomobile also offers a 30 day pay as you go plan that is available on each network as well.  Pricing is 5¢ minute, 2¢ sms text, 10¢ MMS picture message and 10¢/MB of data. Unused balances roll over for the next month as long as you keep your account active.  Data speeds are limited to just 3G speeds.

So what do you think of Ecomobile's new cell phone plans?  Anybody going to give them a try?

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