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Visible Promo Will Get You Service For $15/Mo. For Two Months

Visible Labor Day Promo
Visible Labor Day Promo
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Visible has a promo out to mark the upcoming Labor Day weekend. New customers can get their first two months of Visible service for just $15/month with use of the promo code LABORDAY. Visible is also now airing a couple of TV commercials.

Labor Day Promo Details

Visible's Labor Day promo is available and live now. The offer is scheduled to run until 9/7/21. Visible is powered by the Verizon network. Visible's plan includes unlimited talk, text, high-speed data and mobile hotspot with caveats. Data is available over Verizon's 4G LTE and 5G networks. Data speeds on 5G are capped at a maximum of 200Mbps, however, there is no cap when on the 4G LTE network. Mobile hotspot data is unlimited, but data speeds are capped at a maximum of 5Mbps. Only one device can connect to the hotspot at a time. During times of network congestion, Visible data speeds may be noticeably slower. The plan also comes with unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada.

Just a few weeks ago, Visible launched support for Apple Watch. Subscribers can add an Apple Watch to their phone plans for just $5 more per month.

Apple iPhone users with eSIM capabilities can take advantage of Visible's $15/month offer and signup for service and have it up and running in a matter of minutes. Visible regularly costs $40/month or $25/month when joined with a Party Pay group. Service is also available for $5 a month when you refer a friend.

Visible Commercials

Back in February, Visible launched its first new TV ad in what was nearly a year. The ad entitled "Gamer" features a person seated in a chair with a video game controller. The ad exclaims that "Visible is wireless that doesn't play games." There's "no surprise fees and legit unlimited data." That ad stopped airing a few months ago. But just recently it made a return to the airwaves along with a brand new TV ad. You can check out the Gamer ad here. The new TV ad is shown and described below.


Visible's latest TV ad entitled "Better With Friends" is actually a cartoon. It touts that Visible is as low as $25/month (with Party Pay) and that you can bring and refer a friend so that both you and the friend get a month of service for just $5.

Earlier in the year Visible also ran a TV ad featuring actor Kevin Bacon. It aired thousands of times before coming to an end in late June.

Verizon has its Visible brand aimed at younger and tech oriented consumers. I asked Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research, for commentary on Visible's new ad and deal and he told me "I think Visible is making some progress among young, tech-savvy consumers. Verizon has been reporting mildly positive prepaid results amid a lack of prepaid presence at Verizon stores, so Visible must be the explanation for the positive numbers.”

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