Red Pocket Mobile Drops Price Of 5GB Annual eBay Plan To $18.33/Month

Red Pocket Mobile eBay Plan On Sale With 5GB Of Data For 18-Month
Red Pocket Mobile eBay Plan On Sale With 5GB Of Data For Average Cost Of $18/Month


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Red Pocket Mobile has dropped the price of its annual eBay plan that includes unlimited talk, text and data with the first 5GB at 4G LTE data speeds to just $220/year.  Normally the plan retails for $240/year.  With the savings in place, subscribers will pay an average cost of just $18.33/month.

Perhaps the best part about the plan is that it works on both AT&T and Sprint. That means if you have an AT&T or Sprint compatible phone you can use your favorite network for a whole lot cheaper than you can almost anywhere else.

How Red Pocket's Plan Compares To The Competition

Red Pocket Mobile's annual eBay plan is certainly a bargain.  The only other place that you can get a cheaper plan on the AT&T network is through FreedomPop.  FreedomPop also has a 5GB annual plan, however it is priced at just $14.99/month.  Although it is cheaper, the FreedomPop plan does come with a few drawbacks.  For instance, it is VoIP based, while Red Pocket Mobile's plan is not.  Red Pocket Mobile uses traditional cellular networks to provide voice.  FreedomPop's plan does not include MMS or voicemail, they are add-on features that cost a little extra.  Red Pocket Mobile includes those features at no extra charge.

I don't know how long the price drop will last or if it is permanent or not. Those interested in the plan should act fast if they want to ensure themselves of some savings.

Bonus offer while supplies last! Add a Google Home mini to your account and get it free when you use coupon code PFREEMINI at checkout on orders of $150 or more.

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2 years ago

Has anyone done recent speed tests using ATT on Red Pocket?

A year is a long term to commit without knowing if the speeds are good.

2 years ago
Is hotspot included for free?

2 years ago

is it T mobile network or ATT Network ?

Jonathan Hoover
Jonathan Hoover
2 years ago
Reply to  bea

My understanding ….. AT&T not T-Mobile