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LG Stylo 6 And Nokia C5 Endi Launch On Cricket Wireless, Plus Updated Phone Deals

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 6, 2020
Cricket Wireless Launches New Phones And Phone Promos
Cricket Wireless Launches New Phones And Phone Promos

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Cricket Wireless has been busy over the past week launching a series of new devices. On May 29, the Samsung Galaxy A01 ($109.99) and Nokia C2 Tava ($102.99) were launched. A YouTube video unboxing of Cricket's Nokia C2 Tava is already available. Two other devices were just launched on June 5th, the Nokia C5 Endi for $169.99 and the LG Stylo 6 for $229.99.

With the new device launches also come some new phone promos and a new tagline to replace Cricket Wireless's previous "Spring Into BIG Savings" tagline and its associated phone deals. Cricket is now asking shoppers to "Switch 'n' Save" for some "Hot Summer Savings." The lead offers include the iPhone 7 for $99.99 and the LG Escape Plus free to switchers.

Cricket's Hot Summer Savings Phone Promo Offers

There are several new and updated phone promos now available for Android lovers. You can view them all in the table below.

Featured Cricket Android Deals
PhoneRegular Retail PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
LG Escape Plus$119.99$59.99Free*
Nokia 3.1 Plus$159.99$79.99$19.99*
Samsung Galaxy A10e$149.99$99.99$29.99*
Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure$119.99$39.99Free
Moto e5 Play$99.99$39.99Free
LG Fortune 2$99.99$39.99Free
Nokia 3.1 C$139.99$49.99Free
Cricket Icon$79.99$19.99Free
Alcatel INSIGHT$79.99$19.99Free
LG Harmony 3$139.99$69.99$19.99
Alcatel Tetra$79.99$19.99Free
Alcatel ONYX$119.99$39.99Free
Those in the market for a new discounted Apple iPhone can choose from one of the following offers.
Featured Cricket iPhone Deals
Retail Price
New Line Price
iPhone 6s 32GB$399.99$149.99$49.99*
iPhone 7 32GB$399.99$199.99$99.99*
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB$499.99$249.99$149.99*
iPhone 8 Plus 128GB$499.99$299.99$299.99

*requires porting into Cricket's $60 unlimited wireless plan. All other offers require porting into a plan priced $30 or higher.

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Keep in mind that if you are interested in any of the phone offers, the phones will be locked to Cricket Wireless for a period of 6-months. That means the phones must be used with Cricket Wireless for that long before they can be unlocked for use on another network. Also note, that once you port into Cricket Wireless to take advantage of one of the offers, you do not need to stay on the plan that you ported into. You can switch to a cheaper plan if you'd like for additional savings.

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