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Latest Deals From Cricket Wireless Include $49.99 iPhone SE

Cricket Wireless First Deals Of 2021 Announced
Cricket Wireless First Deals Of 2021 Announced
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The latest phone deals are now out from Cricket Wireless. New Year, New Phone is the tagline featured on the Cricket Wireless homepage.

The deal highlighted next to the tagline is a switcher offer for a Samsung Galaxy A01 priced at $19.99. This is actually a downgrade from Cricket's holiday 2020 deals when the phone was available for free to switchers. Also highlighted on Cricket's homepage is a switcher offer for a $49.99 iPhone SE. This is an in-store only deal and it's significant because it's the first time that I can remember an in-store only offer featured on Cricket's homepage. The iPhone SE was available online for $49.99 at the end of November and throughout the holiday season. But now it's priced at $149.99 online.

Both the Samsung Galaxy A01 and iPhone SE deals require customers to port into Cricket's $60 unlimited plan ($55 with autopay billing enabled, taxes and fees included). Cricket charges an extra $25 for in-store activation so that $49.99 iPhone SE offer is more like $74.99. Customers will also have to pay taxes on the phone most likely based on its suggested retail price of $349.99.

For the new year, Cricket has also updated several other deals. Here's what's now available.

Android Phone Promos

Featured Cricket Android Phone Deals January 2021
PhoneOriginal PriceUpgrade/
New Line Price
Port-In Pricing
Alcatel APPRISE$69.99$19.99Free3
Alcatel INSIGHT$79.99$9.99Free3
Alcatel TETRA$79.99$19.99Free3
Cricket Icon$79.99$9.99Free3
Cricket Icon 2$89.99$29.99Free3
Cricket Ovation$129.99$79.99$39.996
LG Fortune 2$69.99$9.99Free3
LG Fortune 3$99.99$49.99Free6
LG Harmony 4$139.99$119.99$69.993
LG K92 5G$359.99$199..99$199.993
LG Stylo 6$229.99$149..99$99.993
Moto G7 Supra$179.99$69.99$39.993
Nokia C2 Tava$109.99$39.99Free6
Nokia C5 Endi$169.99$99.99$49.993
Samsung A51 5G$459.99$299.99$299.993
Samsung S10$749.99$699.99$599.993

3= Port to a Cricket plan priced $30 or higher required
6= Port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan required

Discounted iPhones

Cricket's iPhone deals are a bit light to start the year. The only two available at a discount online are the iPhone XR and the previously mentioned iPhone SE. The XR is available for $399.99 with an original price of $499.99. The price is good for new customers and current customers looking to upgrade. The phone was available to switchers over the 2020 holiday for $299.99.

Cricket may have some other in-store only iPhone deals available but inventory will vary between dealers. Other iPhones that you may be able to get from your local Cricket Wireless dealer include the following offers:

  • iPhone 8 - $49.99, same price for all storage configurations
  • iPhone XS - $399.99

The in-store iPhone offers require that switchers port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan. ID validation is required for Cricket's iPhone SE deal.

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