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iPhone 6s Is Back Down To $49.99 At Cricket Wireless With Valid ID

By Joe Paonessa – Jan 17, 2020
iPhone 6s Is Once Again $49 Dollars At Cricket Wireless
iPhone 6s Is Once Again $49 Dollars At Cricket Wireless

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A week after a major promo reset, Cricket Wireless has altered some of its promos for the better.  The iPhone 6s is once again $49.99 with port-in to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan.  It also requires a valid ID.  The same offer was made available during the 2019 holiday shopping season but was temporarily discontinued when the price of the phone went back up to $149.99 for all customer types on 1/10/2020.  Cricket has also released a few other promo updates that are detailed below and Lady Red's Tech Reviews is also putting out a vlog about the deals.

Cricket Wireless's Updated Promo Details Highlighted

Besides the iPhone 6s deal, Cricket Wireless has also updated pricing on the iPhone 6s+, Moto G7 Supra and the LG Stylo 5 for port-in customers only.  All port-in promos require customers to port-in to Cricket Wireless's $60 rate plan.

  • The iPhone 6s+ is now available for $99.99 with a valid ID.  This is down from the $199.99 price announced last week.  It is available at the same price for both 32GB and 128GB device configurations, however, the 128GB configuration is only available in-stores. This matches the deal offered over the holiday shopping season.
  • The Moto G7 Supra is now $9.99, down from $99.99.  It was free during the holiday shopping season.
  • The LG Stylo 5 is now $9.99 down from $109.99.  It was also free during the holiday shopping season.

Customers who purchase and activate their phones in-store may be subjected to a $25 activation or upgrade fee and a $3 fee will be assessed to those who need customer assistance paying their bill.  The $3 fee is increasing to $4 at the end of January.

The deals are scheduled to be available at least until 2/13/2020.  Phones will be restricted to use on Cricket Wireless for 6 months but can be unlocked for use on another network after 6 months.  Sales tax may apply based on location.

Cricket's $60 Unlimited Plan Is Required And Here Are The Plans Details

In order to pick up one of the new port-in promo details, customers will have to subscribe to Cricket Wireless's most expensive phone plan priced at $60/month or $55 with auto-pay billing enabled.  The plan includes the following features:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and LTE data
  • Talk, text, and high-speed data usage in both Canada and Mexico at no extra charge
  • 15GB of mobile hotspot at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 128Kbps.  Hotspot usage requires having an eligible phone

Multi-line discounts are also available for lines 2-5.

  • 2 Lines - $90/mo ($30 discount)
  • 3 Lines - $110/mo ($70 discount)
  • 4 Lines - $130/mo ($110 discount)
  • 5 Lines - $160/mo ($140 discount)

After the first month of service is up, customers can switch to a lower cost Cricket Wireless plan without penalty.  Taxes and fees are included in the plan prices shown.

Editor's Take

Cricket Wireless's updated promos are a step back in the right direction.  Still, I'd rather see the iPhone promos be for the iPhone 7 to match what is going on at both Boost Mobile and Metro-By-Mobile.  Boost Mobile has the iPhone 7 for $49.99 while Metro as it for $99.99.  So having an iPhone 6s available for $49.99 seems like a dated offer to me.

One other thing to note is that Cricket Wireless now requires a valid ID to get select promos.  This may be the start of a new trend in prepaid.  Metro-By-T-Mobile also recently made that a requirement.  The change was put in place to help prevent fraud.

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