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Cricket Wireless Confirms New Unlimited Data Plan Without A Speed Cap

By Joe Paonessa – Sep 19, 2018
Cricket Wireless Rumored To Be Introducing New Unlimited Data Plan With No Speed Caps
Cricket Wireless Rumored To Be Introducing New Unlimited Data Plan With No Speed Caps

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A poster on Reddit claims that Cricket Wireless will be getting a new unlimited data plan on 9/28/18.  The new plan will likely replace Cricket's current Unlimited Max plan which is priced at $60/month.  The new plan will be called Unlimited Extra and will also be priced at $60/month.  Unlimited Extra will come with full speed LTE data.  This marks a big change for Cricket Wireless, because to date all of their plans have had a speed cap on download speeds.  Download speeds have been limited to a maximum of 8 Mbps.

Cricket Wireless Unlimited Extra Plan Details And Multi-Line Pricing

The Unlimited Extra plan will include unlimited talk, text and data with full service roaming while in Mexico and Canada.  Full service roaming means you can use your talk, text and data while in either country just like you would at home at no extra charge.

The Unlimited Extra plan will still come with a couple of limitations.  For starters, their will be a data prioritization policy.  If at any time the network is busy, your speeds may be temporarily slowed down until the network congestion gets relieved.  This data prioritization policy is a bit different than most other unlimited plans on the market.  Most providers only temporarily slow your data speeds down after you have used more than a certain amount of data in a month and if and only if the network is busy.

Another limitation is that video streaming will be limited to a resolution below HD, likely to 480p.  We won't know the resolution for sure until the plan officially gets announced.

Those currently on the Unlimited Max plan will get to keep it if they don't want to switch to the new Unlimited Extra plan.  The Reddit poster was not 100% sure that Unlimited Extra will be replacing Unlimited Max, however, I think it's a good bet given that both plans are said to be priced the same.

At the moment it is unknown if hotspot will be available on the plan for the same $10/month that Cricket charges as an upgrade option for its other unlimited plans.

Multi-Line Pricing

Unlimited Extra will be available at a discount for those who have multiple lines.  Full pricing will be as follows:

  • 1 line - $60
  • 2 lines - $90
  • 3 lines - $120
  • 4 lines - $150

With the new plan in place, Cricket's projected phone plan lineup should look like this:

  • $25/month - unlimited talk and text only, no data
  • 30/month - unlimited everything with the first 2GB of data at high speed
  • $40/month ($35 with autopay) - unlimited everything with the first 5GB of data at high speed
  • $55/month ($50 with autopay) - Unlimited 3Mbps - includes unlimited talk, text and data with data speeds limited to just 3Mbps.  Video streaming limited to just 1.5Mbps. Use your phone in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.
  • $60/month - unlimited everything with data speeds temporarily slowed during times of heavy network traffic.  No download or upload data speed caps.  Video streaming limited to a resolution of 480p or about 1.5 Mbps.  Use your phone in Mexico and Canada at no extra charge.

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