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Cricket Wireless Holiday Deals Include $40 Unlimited Data Plan And Free Phone Offers

Cricket Wireless Announces Holiday 2019 $40 Unlimited Phone Plan And Free Phone Offers
Cricket Wireless Announces Holiday 2019 $40 Unlimited Phone Plan And Free Phone Offers
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Cricket Wireless has just announced some new holiday promotions.  Starting on November 22, customers that switch to Cricket Wireless will be able to get an unlimited data plan for just $40/month. Cricket Wireless will also be offering "the most free devices it's ever made available during the holiday season."

Cricket Wireless's $40 Unlimited Plan Details

The discounted phone plan is scheduled to be available from November 22 through January 30, 2020.  This appears to be a new phone plan from Cricket Wireless as the offer states that customers will be able to get Cricket's "fastest unlimited speeds."  Cricket's current $60 unlimited plan is the only plan from the provider that comes with data speeds that have no speed restrictions.  That plan also includes mobile hotspot.  The new promotional plan will differ in that it does not include mobile hotspot.  Customers will have to pay an additional $10/month if they'd like to upgrade to the feature.  It is also unclear if Cricket will be allowing Mexico and Canada usage with the new promotional plan offering.

This plan will be restricted to new customers that wish to bring their own phone to the network.  Any phone that is compatible with the AT&T network that is not under contract is compatible with Cricket Wireless.  Phones from T-Mobile are also compatible as long as they have been unlocked for use on another network.  Subscribers to the new plan will be able to add Cricket Protect phone insurance to their accounts starting at a price of $7/month.

Cricket Wireless Holiday Free Phone Offers

Cricket Wireless will be offering the most free phones ever during the holiday season to customers who switch over to the prepaid brand starting on November 22nd.  Not all offers will become available on that date though.  Here are the upcoming free phone offers:

  • A Motorola moto g7 SUPRA with a $60 unlimited plan, or a LG Stylo™ 5 on a $60 unlimited plan starting December 2.
  • Customers who sign up for a $55 or $60 unlimited plan can choose a free Samsung J2 Pure, LG Escape® Plus, Alcatel Onyx™ or Nokia 3.1 C.
  • Customers who sign up for a $30 rate plan are eligible for a free LG Fortune® 2, Cricket Icon or Alcatel INSIGHT™.

Cricket's $55 and $60 plans both come with unlimited data, however, the $55 plan has data speeds restricted to a maximum of 3Mbps and hotspot is not included with the plan.  Both plans have video streaming that is limited to a resolution of 480p.  Taxes and fees are included in the price and the plans are $5 cheaper with autopay enabled.

Cricket's $30 plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 2GB of data at high-speed before throttling to 2G data speeds.  High-speed, in this case, means a maximum of 8Mbps.  Hotspot is not allowed, taxes and fees are included in the price.  There is no autopay discount available with the plan.

New and existing Cricket Wireless customers will also be able to take advantage of some upcoming Black Friday deals.  For Black Friday both customer classes will be able to pick up a Nokia 3.1 Plus for $39.99 and the LG Stylo 5 for $79.99.

Customers that switch to Cricket on Cyber Monday will be able to pick up the Samsung A10e available for $9.99, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 for $399.99 with the purchase of an unlimited plan online.  Cyber Monday is December 2.

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