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Cricket Wireless Customers Can Save $60 Via Bill Credits By Purchasing A SIM At Target

Cricket Wireless Has A New Bill Credit Promotion At Target (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
Cricket Wireless Has A New Bill Credit Promotion At Target (Photo Via Wave7 Research)
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Cricket Wireless has been very busy over the last several weeks with new phone launches and promos. A recent report from Wave7 Research noted another new offer from Cricket, this one restricted to national retail. Customers that purchase a Cricket Wireless SIM kit at Target and activate a new line on an unlimited plan will receive up to $60 in bill credits. The report also noted a new TV commercial launch that's getting heavy airplay touting Cricket's most expensive wireless plan. The ad represents a change of pace for Cricket, as its previous TV commercials highlighted how the company was helping its subscribers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week the AT&T powered brand updated promotional offers on the Nokia C2 Tava, Samsung Galaxy A01, and Moto G7 Supra.

Cricket's Save Up To $60 At Target Offer Details

This promo does have a little bit of fine print. The offer is aimed at bring your own phone customers. Cricket or AT&T branded devices are not eligible. The $60 will be paid back in the form of bill credits. Bill credits start within 45 days after activation and will be paid out in $20 increments over the course of 3 billing cycles. Customers who cancel service before that time frame will not receive the full $60 in bill credits. The offer is scheduled to be available at least until 9/22/2020. Customers can take advantage of the offer by either purchasing a Cricket SIM card online at Target or in-store. Customers do not need to activate service in-store, but activation on an unlimited plan is required. Cricket offers two unlimited plans, one priced at $55/month ($50 with autopay) and the other is $60 or $55 with autopay. The cheaper plan does not include any hotspot data and data speeds are limited to a maximum of 3Mbps. The more expensive plan does not have the speed limitation and comes with 15GB of mobile hotspot.

Cricket Has Also Launched Deals At Walmart And Best Buy

Target isn't the only national retail store Cricket is running promos in. Wave7 Research also took note of a new deal at Walmart on the Samsung Galaxy A10e. Subscribers that port a number into any Cricket plan priced $30 or higher can get a Samsung Galaxy A10e for $49.99 with in-store activation. The price is normally $99.99. This may or may not be a deal depending on what a subscriber needs in a wireless plan. Cricket Wireless is directly offering the phone for $29.99 to port-ins, but customers must subscribe to the $60 unlimited plan to get the phone at that price through Cricket. The Walmart deal is scheduled to last until 10/17/2020.

Best Buy regularly runs deals offering customers $50 off select unlocked phones when purchased with a SIM card and plan. Right now unlocked phones are discounted for customers that pick up a Cricket SIM card and activate a new line of service in-store on any plan.

Cricket Wireless Has A New Commercial "Couchersize"

Cricket Wireless recently launched a new commercial that pushes its $60 unlimited plan alongside a phone promo offer of a free LG Escape Plus. The LG Escape Plus is a budget device that has been available for free for a few months now. According to the commercial, the free phone promo is scheduled to end on 7/23/20. The ad also notes that those coming from AT&T are excluded from the free LG Escape Plus offer.

The ad shows Cricket's mascot "Miles" exercising on the couch while video chatting with a trainer. Right before Miles falls off the couch he exclaims he's "really putting this new data plan to work." You can watch the full commercial below or at

Cricket's New Phone Promo Offers

A few days ago Cricket updated pricing on a few budget phones. The newly launched Nokia C2 Tava is now free with port-in, while the Samsung Galaxy A01 and Moto G7 Supra are both $19.99 with port-in. The port-in offers are only available to those who port to Cricket's $60 unlimited plan. All other customers, including those looking to upgrade their phones, will have to pay $49.99 for the Nokia C2 Tava, $59.99 for the Samsung Galaxy A01, and $149.99 for the Moto G7 Supra. The phone offers are available both in-store and through Cricket's website.

The Samsung Galaxy A01 and Nokia C2 Tava are both relatively new devices at Cricket having launched at the end of May. Lady Red's Tech Reviews had a chance to do an unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy A01 which you can check out in the video below.

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