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AT&T Prepaid Offering Double Data At Walmart And Online, Get 16GB For $40/Month

ATT Prepaid Walmart Double Data Promo
ATT Prepaid Walmart Double Data Promo
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According to a Howard Forums poster, AT&T Prepaid is now offering another Walmart exclusive promotion.  Customers can get double the data on AT&T Prepaid's $50 wireless plan when they activate a new line of service and enable auto-pay billing on their account. The plan will come with 16GB of 4G LTE data to use each month instead of 8GB. Auto-pay billing also gets subscribers a $10/month discount on the price of the plan knocking it down to $40/month.  The promotional offering is said to be available until 7/11/19.  At publication time, that's all that is known about the offer.  BestMVNO is working to confirm the validity of the promotion and its details.  Walmart and AT&T online currently make no mention of it. (Update: 4/12/19 - Thanks to a reader tip, BestMVNO has learned that the deal is now available online directly through AT&T Prepaid. However, online the offer will only be available until 7/4/19. )

AT&T Prepaid's $50 wireless plan also includes unlimited talk, text, and data with data speeds throttled to 2G once the high-speed allotment gets used up.  Mobile hotspot is permitted, and video streams at a resolution of up to 1080p with Stream Saver turned off.  With Stream Saver turned on, content that AT&T recognizes as video will be reduced to a resolution of about 480p.  Unlimited international texting is included to over 100 countries and subscribers will have talk, text, and data roaming while traveling in either Mexico or Canada at no extra charge.  Multi-line discounts should be available with the promo where lines 2 and 3 get $20/month off the plan's $50 base price, and lines 4 and 5 get $30/month off.

This isn't the first time AT&T Prepaid and Walmart have run a promotion together.  In January the two partners had a 3 unlimited lines for $100 offer running.  Single line subscribers could also opt to get an unlimited LTE data plan for $45/month with auto-pay billing enabled instead of $65. The latter was not a Walmart exclusive.  Both of the offers are set to come to an end on 4/11/2019.

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