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AT&T GoPhone $45 and $60 Plans Get Rollover Data

ATT Prepaid GoPhone
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ATT Prepaid GoPhoneAT&T announced today that starting on May 15th all new and existing customers on the $45 and $60 monthly GoPhone plans will be given Rollover Data as long as their plan is renewed on time.  Existing customers will be eligible for Rollover Data on their next renewal after May 15th.

The $45 and $60 GoPhone plans both include unlimited calling domestically and to Mexico from the USA as well as unlimited texting domestically and to over 100 other countries.  Tethering is included. Data is unlimited but gets throttled to 128 kbps once your go over your high speed data allotment which is 1.5 GB for the $45 plan, and 4 GB on the $60 plan.

For some reason, AT&T is electing to cancel your unused rollover data if you switch plans.  So for instance, if you sign up for the $45 plan and later decide you want to generously give AT&T more of your money by switching over to their $60 plan, they'll reward you by stripping away your Rollover Data.  On top of that, your Rollover Data does not last indefinitely as it expires 30 days after rolling over.

AT&T is a little late to the Rollover party as T-Mobile has been offering it for a couple of months now in what they call Data Stash.  Unlike AT&T where data rollover expires after 30 days, Data Stash lasts for 12 months.  Verizon also offers it's own version of rollover data as a data add on pack to it's prepaid wireless plans.  The data add on pack is good for 30-90 days depending on how much data you buy.  Sprint is now the only one of the big 4 carriers to not offer Rollover Data.

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