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AT&T $80 Prepaid Card On Sale For $62.40 At Walmart

$80 ATT Prepaid Refill Card Is On Sale At Walmart
$80 ATT Prepaid Refill Card Is On Sale At Walmart
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Attention AT&T Prepaid and AT&T Prepaid prospective customers, this deal is for you.  AT&T's $80 prepaid refill card is currently on sale at Walmart for $62.40.  That's a savings of 22% off the regular price.  Depending on where you live, you may have to pay taxes and fees on the purchase.  In my area taxes and fees tack on an additional $6.66 making the total purchase price $69.06.

More About AT&T Prepaid And This Deal

If you want extra savings moving forward, you could purchase a couple of these cards to use at a later date.  The refill cards will be sent to you by way of email.

The product image says that the refill card has a 90 day expiration date.  I assume that means you have 90 days to add the refill card code to your account before it loses its value.  A poster on SlickDeals where the deal was first publicized claims that they have held onto the cards for over 2 years in the past without having them expire.

A little over a year ago AT&T rebranded its prepaid brand from AT&T GoPhone to AT&T Prepaid.  AT&T's prepaid card policy may have changed with that rebranding.  Many other posters in the SlickDeals thread state that once the card is purchased you have 90 days to add it to your account before it expires.  Once added to your account, the credit is valid for about one year.  This is probably what is correct.  There is a limit to the amount of discounted prepaid cards that you can buy per account order.  A maximum of 2 cards are allowed per order.

ATT Prepaid Plans

AT&T offers 4 prepaid wireless plans and they are priced as follows:

All plans include unlimited talk, text and data with the specified amounts at 4G LTE data speeds.

  • $35/month ($30 with auto-pay AP ) - 1GB LTE data includes, mobile hotspot
  • $50/month ($40 with AP) - 8GB LTE data, includes mobile hotspot
  • $65/month ($55 with AP) - unlimited LTE data, data speeds may be temporarily slowed at any time network becomes congested.  No mobile hotspot.  Video streaming limited to a maximum resolution of about 480p.
  • $85/month ($75 with AP) - unlimited LTE data and hotspot with 10GB of mobile hotspot at LTE data speeds.  After 22GB of data is consumed in a month, data speeds may temporarily slow down during times of network congestion.

All plans priced $40 and up include unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada.  They also include free talk, text and data roaming while traveling in either of those countries.  Unlimited global texting to over 100 countries is available on all plans.

If you signup for or already subscribe to any AT&T Prepaid plan, you can use the prepaid refill card from Walmart to get the auto-pay discount as long as you have a credit card on file with your account and auto-pay enabled.

Shop AT&T Prepaid At Walmart

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