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AT&T GoPhone Rebranded AT&T Prepaid, Offering 2 Months Free Service

ATT GoPhone Rebranded ATT Prepaid
AT&T GoPhone Rebranded AT&T Prepaid


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It had been rumored for a few weeks, and today it became official.  AT&T has announced that it is rebranding it's GoPhone brand to "AT&T Prepaid."  The changeover will go live on July 14th.

Despite getting a new name, AT&T will be keeping the same rates for its new Prepaid plans as it had under the GoPhone name.

AT&T's prepaid plans will continue to include the following:

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  • $35/month ($30 with auto pay) - unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 1 GB at full 4G LTE data speeds.
  • $45/month ($40 with auto pay) - unlimited talk, text and data with the first 6 GB at full 4G LTE data speeds.  Also includes full service roaming while in Mexico and Canada, and international text messaging.
  • $65/month ($60 with auto pay) - unlimited talk, text and LTE data limited to 3 Mbps with video streams limited to 1.5 Mbps. After 22 GB of data gets consumed in a month, speeds may temporarily slowed further during times of network congestion.  Also includes full service roaming while in Mexico and Canada as well as international text messaging.
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Taxes and fees are not included with any plan, and will cost extra and will vary based on your location.

AT&T Prepaid 2 Months Free PromotionAs part of the rebranding, AT&T is also giving away two months of free service of either the $45 or $65 plan with the caveat that you must stay with the service for a full 12 months. AT&T has structured the promotion such that those with the plan will get account credits on their 3rd and 12th months of service, making those two months free.

Check out AT&T's new prepaid brand

For the time being, with the promotional credits, AT&T's $45 Prepaid plan would look to be one of the better deals around.  You can see for yourself by comparing the $45 plan with plans from other prepaid providers that use AT&T's network.

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AT&T hasn't stated why it has rebranded its GoPhone line other than to say that "prepaid is becoming the most competitive category in wireless."  I surmise having the name AT&T Prepaid as a product makes it more clear to new customers what type of phone service it is as opposed to the non descriptive GoPhone name.

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