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Visible Expands Marketing Push Towards Singles With New Promo And Free Gift Offer

Visible Launches Singles Registry In Partnership With Match Group
Visible Launches Singles Registry In Partnership With Match Group
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Visible, the Verizon-owned prepaid brand has teamed up with the Match Group to create a gift registry made just for singles. The Match Group is responsible for the dating apps Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, and others.

Visible's Singles Registry Details And Gift Options

Visible's Single's Registry will be available through 4/30/22. It will allow Visible subscribers to build a wish list tailored for the single life. Users can share their list on social media or anywhere else that they can draw attention to it.

The wireless provider says subscribers can share their lists so that their "married friends can finally be the ones buying the gifts." After all, it's only fair as Visible says, you've had to buy gifts for "all those engagement parties, bachelor parties, wedding gifts, and baby showers."

Subscribers can only build lists based on what products Visible has to offer. Visible is only allowing a maximum of 15 gift items to be added to a registry. Persons interested in creating the registry must do so by 4/25/2022.

There are more than 30 items available in the Visible Single's Registry marketplace. Visible is highlighting what it thinks may be more popular gift ideas including “Mine" and "Also Mine" tea towels, single-serve coffee machines, full-bottle wine glasses, and a foldable one-person kayak. There's also a Garmin fitness watch available and an Amazon Kindle. You can create your registry list and see the full available registry gift options that are available here.

There's Also A Free Giveaway

Visible is running a sweepstake giving away free gifts to lucky winners who create a registry. The first 1,000 entrants will receive a free unidentified gift. One lucky person will also receive an $550 Airbnb gift card. There's also going to be a "stack of premium Match Group giveaways."

The giveaway sweepstake has an official set of rules that you can review here. The most important of them is that only one entrant is allowed per person. Winners may have to pay taxes on their prizes. There is an alternate method of entry for the contest if you don't want to create a registry. To enter the contest without creating a registry, you can fill out this Google Docs form.

Visible Has Been Ramping Up Its Marketing Efforts Towards Singles

This latest promotional offering from Visible marks a further effort by the brand to market its service toward singles.

Last November, during the holiday shopping season, Visible launched a TV commercial. It featured a person being pestered by family at a chaotic holiday party for being "still single." Viewers were told that with Visible you can "team up with friends and get unlimited data for as low as $25/month. No family needed."

The holiday season commercial was followed up in early January with an online only video ad also targeted toward singles. "Get unlimited data for as low as $25/month. No family needed," was once again the pitch. Visible has since launched two TV commercials derived from that online video ad with the same pitch. Most recently, a TV ad was launched in March that stresses "Family plan savings, without the family."

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