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Verizon’s Visible No Longer Requires An Invite Code To Join

Visible Wireless Service No Longer Requires Invite Code To Subscribe
Visible Wireless Service No Longer Requires Invite Code To Subscribe

By Joe Paonessa – Sep 26, 2018
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Several months ago Verizon launched a prepaid brand called Visible.  Although Visible is owned by Verizon, it operates independently from it.  At launch, the service was only available by invite code and could only be subscribed to by iPhone owners.  Visible just notified BestMVNO that as of last week an invite code is no longer necessary to signup for the service.  It is however still considered an early access service available exclusively to iPhone owners only.

Visible Wireless Service Explained

Visible's wireless service is priced at $40/month with taxes and fees included.  That gets you unlimited talk, text, data and mobile hotspot.  Data speeds are limited to a maximum of 5 Mbps.  Video streaming is limited to a maximum resolution of 480p or about 1-3 Mbps.

The company accepts payment in the form of credit and debit cards, PayPal and Venmo.  Customer support is available exclusively through chat, text, and social media.  There is no phone number to call for help.

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Visible's privacy policy is something you may want to be aware of if you are considering signing up for service.  The privacy policy states that Visible does collect quite a bit of subscriber data.

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"We collect information when you use our service. This includes information about the calls you make and receive, text messages you send and receive, websites you visit, mobile applications you use, and wireless network and device information, including location, Internet protocol (IP) address and connection speed, mobile telephone number, device and advertising identifiers, browser type, and operating system."

Some of the information collected is potentially for the subscribers benefit.  For instance, location data is important for 911 services.  Others, such as advertising identifiers are not.  Verizon Wireless itself also collects advertising identifiers to deliver relevant advertising to subscribers and their devices.  You can opt out of that data collection with Verizon, but it does not appear that you have a choice at this time with Visible.

Visible Steps Up Marketing Efforts

With the invite code only requirement now out of the way, Visible seems to have begun to advertise and market its service.  The company established a presence at the Grandoozy music festival which was held in Overland Park, in Denver, Colorado between September 14-16th.

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Visible worked with Fooji and Twitter to provide festival attendees that partied a bit too hard with hangover recovery kits.  The kits consisted of a breakfast burrito and Pedialyte on the Sunday morning after the festival.

The company also launched a Snapchat filter that used AR to allow users to go “backstage” at the festival.  Festival goers were able to physically walk around and see a backstage area through the Snapchat filter.  Visible plans to offer more experiences like this down the road.

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