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Verizon’s Visible Prepaid Service Adds BYOD Support For The Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 3XL

Visible Now Offering BYOD Support For The Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 3Xl
Visible Now Offering BYOD Support For The Google Pixel 3 And Pixel 3Xl


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Back in January, Visible launched limited support for bring your own Android device.  By limited, the Verizon owned prepaid brand meant the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Samsung Galaxy S9+.  Visible promised that support for more Android devices would be "coming soon."

We're now in the month of May and BestMVNO has learned that Visible is offering bring your own device support for a couple of more Android devices.  If you own a Google Pixel 3 or a Pixel 3XL you can now use it with Visible. (Update 6/21/19 - the Google Pixel 3A and 3A XL are now supported as part of Visible's BYOD program.  BestMVNO learned from a Visible rep that support for the devices began a week ago or less).

BestMVNO spoke to an online support representative from Visible a couple of days ago and was unable to confirm an exact launch date as to when the two devices first gained support from the brand.  The representative could only confirm that BYOD support for the two phones happened a few weeks ago.

So Visible now allows 7 different Android devices to be used on its network, and the provider continues to say that support for more Android devices will be coming soon.  The 7th Android device that can be used on the network is not available as a BYOD option as it is a phone sold exclusively by Visible.  It's a budget device called the Visible R2 and it's manufactured by ZTE.  It's available for $99 or customers can trade in an old Android device, excluding the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+, and get it for free. Visible says that it will accept any Android device that turns on for trade in.

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Prior to offering support for Android devices, Visible only allowed select iPhone models to be used with its service.

More About Visible

Visible is a prepaid wireless brand that launched in May of 2018.  The company is owned by Verizon although it operates independently from it.  Visible only sells one phone plan and it is priced at $40/month with all taxes and fees included in the price.  The phone plan includes unlimited talk, text, data, and mobile hotspot, however, data speeds are limited to a maximum of 5Mbps.

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Jacqueline Becker
Jacqueline Becker
1 year ago

After a LOT of research, I purchased the Pixel 3a XL. I was hoping the camera would be good and so far it is amazing. I also decided to give Visible a try and easily purchased my sim and activated my service. I had a brief hiccup when text and calls were not working. A factory reset fixed the problem and service in Seattle has been great since. (BTW, support responded quickly when I texted them.) I think I now have the best sounding phone calls I’ve ever had. Since Visible is month to month, I thought it was worth a shot for the price of $40.