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Verizon Releases New Single Line Plan

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Verizon has recently released a new single line plan which in some scenarios arguably makes their prepaid plan pointless.  For $60 you'll get unlimited talk and text as well as 2 GB of LTE data, and of course if you sign up for EDGE your plan will drop to $50 a month.  On the Verizon Allset prepaid plan you can pay $45 for unlimited talk and text and a meager 500mb of data.  I list the best valued Verizon prepaid plan at $65 which includes unlimited talk and text as well as 3.5 GB of data.  This best valued prepaid plan is a little bit unusual compared to other prepaid models in that a $20 3 GB LTE data bucket or "bridge" as Verizon calls it,  gets added on to the basic $45 plan, but any unused data from that bridge carries over month to month for a maximum of 90 days.  So essentially you can pay $65 for your first month of use, use 2 GB of data in that month (1.5 GB from the bridge and 500 MB from the $45 base plan), and still have 2 GB of data to use in month two (1.5 GB remaining in the bridge and 500 MB included in the $45 base plan).  So to reiterate, in the scenario I just described you'd pay $65 for the first month of prepaid but only $45 in month two.  If you enable autopay with your plan Verizon will throw in an extra 500 mb LTE data on top of the base $45 rate.  I'm a bit disappointed in these new Verizon plans as there's really not enough separation in price points between the post paid plans, and the prepaid plans where one may bring their own phone. What do you think?  Which plan provides the best value to you?

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