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Starting on July 17th, Verizon prepaid customers will get "Always-On-Data" or "Safety Mode" which means that they'll get unlimited data but throttled at speeds of 128 kbps once their high speed data gets used up.

New customers will get the perk right away, but current customers will get the feature shortly after launch.  Current customers will be alerted via text message when Always On Data has been activated.

Once the feature goes live, customers who use up their high speed data will be alerted that they reached their limit by Verizon via a text message and will be given the option to purchase more high speed data if they like or to continue on with Always On Data.

Verizon only offers two data containing prepaid plans priced at $45 and $60 respectively. Both plans include unlimited talk and text, while the $45 plan includes 3 GB of data and the $60 plan includes 6 GB of data with auto pay.  Without auto pay the plans include 2 GB and 5 GB of data respectively.  The $60 plan also includes unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

The addition of unlimited but throttled data helps Verizon better compete in a market where offering unlimited but throttled data is the norm.

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