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US Mobile Announces Major Plan Updates, Cheaper Pricing, And Multi-line Unlimited Plans With Disney+, Netflix And More

US Mobile Phone Plans Have Been Updated And Improved
US Mobile Phone Plans Have Been Updated And Improved
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US Mobile has updated its wireless plans in a big way.  Pricing and features on both the company's unlimited plans and custom build plans have been greatly improved.

US Mobile is now offering perks to those who have more than a single line on an unlimited data plan, and the more lines a subscriber has the more perks they'll get.  Subscribers will have the choice to add free subscriptions to Apple TV+, Netflix, a Disney Plus/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle among many other audio, video, and streaming provider options.

In what is an industry first, US Mobile is launching AutoPilot A.I., a program that uses machine learning to help subscribers better understand what US Mobile phone plan would best suit their needs.

There are a lot of changes to break down and understand here, so let's get to it!

US Mobile Phone Plan Updates

US Mobile's Outgoing Unlimited Plans

Previously, US Mobile offered unlimited plans where customers could choose their own data speeds.  Each data speed had a different price point.  Customers could choose from standard speeds (1Mbps) at no extra charge, upgrade to fast (5Mbps) for an additional $5/month or upgrade to a plan with no speed restrictions for $15/month.  The plans all came with unlimited talk and text for $10 and customers could choose their own data allotment from the following options, 1GB ($10), 5GB ($15), 10GB ($25), and unlimited ($30).  The unlimited plan option had a 15GB data cap before speeds got throttled to 2G data speeds.  An unlimited talk, text, and data plan at US Mobile started at $40/month.  Customers could add mobile hotspot to their plans for an additional $10/month.

The New Unlimited Plans Structure

Under the new plan structure, there is no longer a standard speed 1Mbps data option.  Instead, data speeds start at 5Mbps.  Unlimited plan pricing, however, remains essentially the same as before.

Unlimited data plans with US Mobile still start at $40/month but customers now get faster data speeds.  Customers can upgrade to "Ludicrous" data speeds with no speed restrictions for an additional $10/month, that's $5 cheaper than under the old structure.  And that's not all that's been improved here.  The high-speed data cap has also been increased substantially.  US Mobile's unlimited plan terms now state "we reserve the right to review your account for usage in violation of our terms and conditions at 50GB."  The cost to add mobile hotspot to an unlimited data plan has been reduced and is now just $5.  

The base unlimited plan also now includes 5GB of 4G LTE international roaming data at no extra charge.  Subscribers who upgrade their data speeds to "Ludicrous" get 10GB of 4G LTE international roaming data.  Those that need more data will be able to add it at local rates.

And there's even more! There's also a new "perks program!

US Mobile Unlimited Plans Come With Customizable Perks

Those who elect to subscribe to a new US Mobile unlimited plan have the option to add free streaming and gaming services to their plans as long as they have at least two lines of service.  The more lines a customer has the more perks they can get with their plan.  The perk options break down like this:

Perks For 2 Unlimited Lines

Customers can choose to add one of the following subscriptions to their accounts at no extra charge; Slacker Plus, LiveXLive, Pandora Plus or Apple TV+.

Perks For 3 Unlimited Lines

Customers with 3 unlimited lines still get to choose a free subscription available to those with 2 unlimited lines.  Additionally, they get to add a second free subscription from the following options; Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ Bundle, Netflix Standard, Audible, Spotify Family or Apple Music Family.

Perks For 4+ Unlimited Lines

Customers with at least 4 unlimited lines get all the same perks included with a 3 line plan plus they get to choose an additional perk between a Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The subscriptions being offered by US Mobile would normally cost customers upwards of $14.99 per subscription.  So the multi-line bundle options can potentially offer significant savings to consumers.

Changes To US Mobile's Custom Build Plans

Pricing and service allotments with the custom build plans have been improved.  The new custom build plan options are now priced as follows with taxes and fees costing extra:

US Mobile's New Custom Build Phone Plan Options
$0 - 0 min$0 - 0 text$0- 0MB
$2 - 75 min$1.5 - 50 text$1.5 - 50MB
$3 - 150 min$2 - 100 text$2 - 100MB
$4 - 300 min$3 - 300 text$5 - 500MB
$5 - 500 min$4 - 1,000 text$10 - 1.5GB
$6 - 700 min$5 - 2,000 text$15 - 2.5GB
$8 - unlimited min$6 - unlimited text$20 - 4GB
$26 - 8GB

If you add up the highest tiered custom plan options from the talk, text, and data,  you'll notice they top out at the same $40 price point that the unlimited data plans start at.  There are some differences though between the $40 unlimited data plan and $40 custom build plan with 8GB of data.  The unlimited plan has data speeds capped at 5Mbps.  There is no data speed cap with the custom build plan.  The custom build plan also includes mobile hotspot, however that feature costs an additional $5/month to add to an unlimited data plan.  The custom build plan with 8GB of data includes hard capped data.  Customers on the plan do not get unlimited 2G data when they run out of high-speed data.

For comparison's sake, US Mobile's discontinued custom build plans came with the following options:


US Mobile's Discontinued Custom Plans
$0 - 0 min$0 - 0 text$0 - 0MB
$2.5 - 40 min$1.5 - 40 text$2 - 100MB
$3 - 100 min$2 - 100 text$5 - 300MB
$5 - 300 min$3 - 300 text$8 - 600MB
$6 - 600 min$4 - 600 text$10 - 1GB
$8 - 1000 min$5 - 1,000 text$14 - 2GB
$9 - 1500 min$7 - 4000 text$20 - 3GB

US Mobile Launches AutoPilot AI

Another change at US Mobile is the release of AutoPilot AI.  Customers invited to use AutoPilot AI will be put on a discounted unlimited plan for 3 months.  After 3-months, the AutoPilot AI will suggest a US Mobile phone plan for the customer to subscribe to based on their talk, text, and data usage patterns.

The new feature is an industry first and helps to solve an industry-wide problem, at least from the consumer's perspective.  Too many consumers are sold unlimited data plans by major carriers and their prepaid brands when they don't actually need unlimited data.  According to a recent study, more than half of Americans consume less than 10GB of high-speed data a month.  According to that same study, consumers who switch to a plan without unlimited data could save up to $268.44 a year.  Of course, major carriers and their prepaid brands don't mind pocketing that extra cash flow, but US Mobile's new AutoPilot AI is here to help the consumer.

There's A New App

US Mobile is also launching a new app.  According to the company, an app has been one of the most requested features that its customers have asked for.  The app will allow subscribers to check balances, change plans, add top-ups, and edit their profile and payment information.  The app will be available and launching soon in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Customers that don't wish to add another app to their phone will also now be able to check balances or add more talk, text, and data on the go by texting 44352 with words such as "Topup text 100" to get an additional 100 text messages added to their custom-built plan.

More About US Mobile

US Mobile launched wireless service in 2014.  The company operates as an MVNO that operates on both the T-Mobile and Verizon networks.

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