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US Mobile Announces $10 WiFi Only Plan With Worldwide Availability Including In Flight

US Mobile Launches Wi-Fi Only Plan
US Mobile Launches Wi-Fi Only Plan
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US Mobile has announced today that they will be offering an unlimited global WiFi plan priced at just $10/month.  Those who subscribe to the plan will gain access to 60+ million WiFi hotspots encompassing over 120 countries.  Over 35 million of those hotspots are located in the USA.  The plan will also give its subscribers WiFi access while in flight on 20 global and domestic airlines including Delta, Virgin America and American Airlines to name a few.

To signup for the new plan, current US Mobile customers can simply enable it in their dashboard while new customers can head on over to the US Mobile website.


Once you are activated with the plan, to use it you will need to download an app that's available for both iOS and Android called iPass.  With iPass active, a users cell phone will automatically and seamlessly connect and transition between WiFi hotspots, WiFi, and cellular networks based on whatever is available to the user and whatever offers the best connection at the time.  Privacy advocates will be happy to know that their connection to the WiFi hotspots is protected by three different layers of security including through the use of a virtual private network or VPN for short.

According to feedback that US Mobile received from its customers, more affordable data is something that its customers have been asking for, which is why the MVNO decided to launch a WiFi only plan.  Just a couple of weeks ago, US Mobile was forced to decrease the amount of data included with a few of its data plan options.  The new WiFi plan may help offset those changes.

About US Mobile

US Mobile is an MVNO that offers service using T-Mobile's network, and in the very near future will also offer service on Verizon's network.  Its customers get to custom build their own phone plans choosing from various allotments of talk, text, and data. Plans start at just $5/month for a 100 minute talk only plan, or $4/month for a 100 MB data only or a 100 text message only plan.  You do not have to subscribe to a talk, text or data plan in order to be eligible for US Mobile's WiFi only plan.

For more on US Mobile head on over to the US Mobile website, or for continued coverage from BestMVNO head on over to the US Mobile news and plans page.

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