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US Mobile Giving $200 Back To Those Who Bring Their Own Samsung Galaxy S10 To The Network

Bring Your New Samsung Galaxy S10 To US Mobile And Get Up To $200 In Monthly Bill Credits
Bring Your New Samsung Galaxy S10 To US Mobile And Get Up To $200 In Monthly Bill Credits
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US Mobile is now running a promotion around the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of devices.  Those who bring their own to the network will receive $200 in account credits.

How Does The Offer Work?

This one is pretty straight forward.  New customers who activate a new line or port a number and bring a Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ purchased from any retailer will get up to $200 back in the form of 12 monthly bill credits.  That amounts to a refund of up to $16.67/month. If a customer subscribes to a phone plan costing $16.67/month or less, they'll get free wireless service excluding taxes, fees, and any top-ups.  Customers on a plan costing more than $16.67/month will receive $16.67/month in bill credits. Current customers are also eligible for the promotion, but only if they are activating a new line on US Mobile's Super LTE network.

To get the full refund, customers cannot have any gaps in service and must maintain their service for 12 consecutive months.  US Mobile suggests that you enable auto-pay billing in your account to avoid lapses in service.

How To Get The Bill Credits

To get the bill credits, you'll need to order a US Mobile starter kit using a promo code. The promo code is SG10. After you receive the starter kit, you should receive another email containing another promo code to use during activation.  The second promo code is what you'll use during activation to enable the monthly bill credits.

Eligible Phone Plans

All US Mobile phone plans are eligible for this promotion.  Customers can elect to custom build their own phone plan or choose an unlimited plan.  Unlimited plans with data start at $25/month for 5GB of data with data speeds limited to 1Mbps.  Customers can upgrade their data speeds starting at an additional cost of $5/month.  Custom phone plans start at $1.5/month for a plan with 40 text messages.  Subscribers can elect to build a data only, talk only, or text only plan, or any combination thereof.  US Mobile charges a $2 service fee for all plans plus tax. Service is provided on the customer's choice of either the T-Mobile or Verizon network.

This offer will be available until 3/31/2019.

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