US Mobile explained. Cell phone plans compared, latest news and deals
US Mobile explained. Cell phone plans compared, latest news and deals provided


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US Mobile is about to launch a few new cell phone plan options that should grab the attention of many T-Mobile fans, particularly those who favor data above all else.

(See latest US Mobile plan updates 7/3/2016)

Customers of US Mobile can mix and match various allotments of talk, text and data to build their own customized plan.  The MVNO is one of just a limited few who offer their customers the ability to build their own customized cell phone plan.

US Mobile's new plan customization options are as follows:

  1. 5GB of 4G LTE data can now be purchased for $35/month
  2. 1500 minutes now costs $10/month
  3. 5000 minutes now costs $15/month

Customers can build their plan without having to choose an allotment from each category, so if you just want talk, or just data that is an option.  US Mobile's plan options, which are competitively priced are listed below.

Data Options

100 MB $2.00
250 MB $5.00
500 MB $9.00
1 GB $14
2.5 GB $25.00
5 GB $35.00


Text Options

100 $2.00
250 $3.00
500 $4.00
1000 $5.00
Unlimited $7.00


Talk Options

100 $3.00
250 $5
500 $9.00
1500 $10.00
5000 $15.00


The new plan options are expected to go live within the next 24-48 hours, in time for Black Friday.

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18 Comments on "BestMVNO Exclusive: US Mobile Offers New Plans Featuring 5GB of Data for $35"

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Looks like they changed their plans again. I’m seeing 45$ for 5, and 25 for 2.5.

Hi Jen,

I think they’ve just been a little slow to update. I’ll see what I can find out.


i’d still do t mobiles $30 plan you get music freedom with it right?

I have T-Mobile’s $30 plan, but I still can’t verify if it includes Music Freedom or not. T-Mobile makes no reference of it.


According to the link below music freedom is for Simple Choice plans. It doesn’t really bother me. Wish they would bump the voice minutes to 500 or 1000 per month.


I’m on the $30 plan and I have music freedom and bingeon.

T-Mobile’s $30 plan includes Binge-On in the sense that they’ll compress video for you to save your data, but it does not include unlimited high speed streaming of those video networks that participate in Binge-On. I can verify now that the $30 plan DOES NOT include Music Freedom. You can see that here yourself


Here is my usage so far this billing cycle
Your screen shot suggests either you do not have 4G LTE data access , something is wrong with your app or usage is not in real time as evidenced by Android OS using 1.24GB of data, Chrome using nearly 100MB, play store 488MB yet your account showing 0MB of high speed data. Your notification app also looks different than mine. I suggest you log into your account on a pc or fully log into the app and check things. Your account viewed from a pc or the full app will not differentiate between high speed data and anything less. It… Read more »

I take some of that back and stand corrected. I found something from a T-Mobile representative that says the $30 plan does include Music Freedom. You should still check your app data in full, because it doesn’t add up to what it should be if you are concerned about running out of high speed data.


Almost 6gb used as removed app was Google play music since I accidentally disabled it. Also, Netflix hasn’t been used in over a week.

Thanks for getting back with the update. Looks good!


The T-Mobile app has always been buggy imo. Android os using 1gb is from it doing things like checking for updates throughout the day and appears to be white listed so that 1gb android os used doesn’t count against my 5gb high speed. Here is the results from mytmo website.

Can you check what your data usage is tomorrow and see if it catches up? T-Mobile officially says no to Binge On for the $30 plan, but that data consumption gets reduced by a factor of 3x if you enable it. However, some other users as well say that they do have the full Binge On feature, but nobody has really confirmed by rechecking data a day or two later. I actually don’t watch any video on my phone other than an occasional YouTube video, so I can’t speak from first hand experience.


I’ll post a new screenshot tomorrow if that helps any.