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Ultra Mobile Updates And Consolidates Multi-Month And Monthly Plan Offerings

Ultra Mobile Consolidates Monthly And Multi-Month Plans
Ultra Mobile Consolidates Monthly And Multi-Month Plans
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Ultra Mobile has updated its multi-month and monthly plan offerings. The new plans are not yet live on the Ultra Mobile website but are available through dealers. The firm Wave7 Research recently detailed the changes in a prepaid report sent out to its subscribers.

Ultra Mobile's Multi-Month And Monthly Plan Changes Highlighted

One of Ultra Mobile's new multi-month plans is actually an extension of its single-month offerings. Ultra has long offered a 15GB monthly phone plan for $39 but up until now, it was not available as a 3, 6, or 12-month discount plan. The price of the plan drops to $36, $35, and $30 respectively, for each of the available multi-month options. The rest of Ultra's plan updates aren't quite as linear to explain. But here they are.

There's a new monthly and multi-month plan with 250MB of hard-capped data. It's priced at $15/month as a pay-by-the-month offering, and the plan price drops down to $10/month if it is paid for 12-months in advance. This seems to be a replacement for Ultra Mobile's $16/month monthly plan that included unlimited talk and text but no data. It had not been available as a multi-month offering. On the other hand, Ultra Mobile previously offered an annual plan with 1GB of data for $120 or an average cost of $10/month. So the new annual plan offering at the $10/month price point seems to be a downgrade compared to the previous one.

Monthly Plan Changes Highlighted

Ultra Mobile has updated three other monthly plan offerings. Here is a brief summary of how they changed:

  • $19/month - 2GB of high-speed data, previously included 1GB of high-speed data
  • $24/month - 3GB of high-speed data, previously included 2GB and was priced at $23/month
  • $29/month - 6GB of high-speed data, previously included 5GB

And with all the major updates now described, here is a table detailing Ultra Mobile's new and consolidated phone plan lineup:


All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data except for the 250MB plan where data is hard-capped. For all other plans, customers that burn through their monthly high-speed allotment will get data at 2G data speeds for the rest of their billing cycle. All plans include mobile hotspot, but the 40GB plan is limited to 10GB of data that can be used for hotspot. All plans also come with unlimited international texting, and free international calling to over 80 countries. Plans with 2GB of data or more include a one-time $5 international roaming credit. The 2GB and 3GB plans include a $1.50 international call anywhere credit, while plans with 6GB or more include a $5 credit.

One other notable change about Ultra Mobile's phone plans is that their Flex plan has been eliminated. In a nutshell, the Flex plan offered unlimited talk, text, global text, international calling to 15 countries, and 500MB of shareable rollover data. The plan was available as both a single line plan and a multi-line discount plan. Pricing started at $22/line but dropped down to $12.50/line when four or more lines were added to a plan or if four months or more were paid for in advance for a single line. Customers currently on a Flex plan will remain grandfathered in and can keep their plan if they so choose.

"These changes are positive, as Ultra Mobile is now offering more data for the dollar and providing an opportunity for savings via multi-month plans. The MVNO is always among the leaders in multi-carrier independent dealer surveys by Wave7 Research." Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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