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Shortly After Launch, Ultra Mobile Increases Pricing Of Its Flex Plans By Minimum Of $1

Ultra Mobile Updates Pricing Of Flex Plans June 2017
Ultra Mobile Updates Pricing Of Flex Plans

By Joe Paonessa – Jun 27, 2017
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Just a few weeks ago, Ultra Mobile launched a new family plan, called Flex Family to go along with its simultaneously announced Flex single plan.  The basic premise is that with the single line plan, customers can pay for more months of service in advance in exchange for a discount on service of up to nearly 50% off.  The Flex Family plan offers just as large of a discount to multi-line accounts except the discount comes from adding more lines to an account as opposed to paying for more months of service in advance.

Whether a subscriber has a family or single line Flex plan, each line gets unlimited talk, global text and calling to 10 international destinations as well as 250 MB of shareable ((data is shareable among all lines)) 4G LTE data that rolls over from month to month without expiration.

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A summary of Ultra Mobile's pricing of the Flex plans is below with the changes highlighted.

Ultra Mobile's Updated Pricing Of Flex Plans

Taxes and fees are added on to the listed prices and vary based on location.

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  1. $22/month (previously $21) - single line, one month of service
  2. $17.50/month/line (previously $16.50) - price per line for 2 lines, or for a single line with 2 months of service paid for in advance.  Total price for two lines now $35/month instead of $33.
  3. $15/month/line (previously $14)- price per line for 3 lines, or for a single line with 3 months of service paid for in advance.  Total price for 3 lines now $45/month instead of $42.
  4. $12.50/month/line (previously $11.50) - price per line for 4 or a maximum of 5 lines, or for a single line with 4 months of service paid for in advance.  Total price for 5 lines is now $62.50 instead of $57.5.
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Whether or not these plans are of good value to you may depend on if you need international calling and texting or not.  You can see how the Flex plan stacks up to other single line plans by checking out this list of cheap phone plans that cost $30 or less or by comparing it to other family plans.

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