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Straight Talk’s New TV Ad For Tax Season Is All About Unlimited, While Tracfone’s New TV Ad Says No To Unlimited

Straight Talk Wireless First TV Ad Of 2022 Tax Season
Straight Talk Wireless First TV Ad Of 2022 Tax Season
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Tracfone brands Straight Talk Wireless and Tracfone have both launched new TV commercials targeting different market segments. Straight Talk's ad is focused on getting consumers to spend their tax refunds on its $45 unlimited plan. Tracfone's new TV ad is for those who don't need unlimited. Wave7 Research recently detailed the ads in a report the firm sent out to its subscribers.

Straight Talk Wireless "Tax Refund: $45/Month" TV Ad

Straight Talk's latest TV ad is called "Tax Refund: $45 per Month." It launched on 2/14 and has already aired over 700 times. The ad starts off by telling viewers that they can "find lots of ways to spend" their tax refund but not to "waste it on something silly." Viewers are then pitched that they can "spend smarter with Straight Talk." Straight Talk's $45 "Silver Unlimited Plan" is then highlighted.

Straight Talk's $45 plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data with 5GB of mobile hotspot. Data is at 4G LTE and 5G data speeds where available, however, the plan comes with fine print stating that Straight Talk reserves the right to review your account if you use more than 60GB of high-speed data during a billing cycle.

The ad goes on to tell viewers that Straight Talk uses the "nation's largest most dependable network with nationwide 5G" to represent Verizon's network. It concludes by stating that Straight Talk Wireless is available at Walmart and Walmart is the exclusive in store retailer for Straight Talk. You can watch the full TV ad down below.


Tracfone's New TV Ad "Influencer: $40 per Month"

Tracfone's new TV commercial is entitled "Influencer: $40 Per Month." The ad appears aimed at an older demographic. It starts off featuring a cartoon caricature of a person who appears to have graying hair. A voice over asks viewers "Are you an influencer? Like watching action movies on a tiny tiny screen?" The ad continues "No? Than why do you need endless data?" Tracfone's relatively new $40/month plan is then pitched to the audience. The plan includes unlimited talk and text with 8GB of hard-capped high-speed data at up to 5G data speeds. Unused data does carry over to the next billing cycle. IDnotify identity theft protection and restoration is an additional perk included with the plan. BestMVNO detailed the plan when it launched late last summer.

The TV ad finishes with the tagline "Tracfone, Now You're In Control." Viewers are shown all the different places where they can purchase Tracfone including Target, Best Buy, Family Dollar, Dollar General and more. This ad also launched on 2/14. Wave7 Research notes that it has already aired over 1k times. Watch it below.


“For Tracfone, Wave7 Research is seeing a major shift in emphasis in advertising and retail toward its $40/month plan, which provides 8GB of data. Previously, at retail and in advertising, Tracfone was focused on its $20/month plan that provides 1GB of data. Under Verizon management, there is a push to boost Tracfone’s ARPU.” – Jeff Moore, Principal of Wave7 Research

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