Total Wireless Updates Plans, Adds More Data And New Multi-Month Option
Total Wireless Updates Plans, Adds More Data And New Multi-Month Option


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Following the footsteps of several other providers on the year, as first noted by Wave7 Research, Total Wireless has updated its phone plans.  The Verizon powered MVNO has increased the amount of data included with its newly launched $50 plan.  When the plan was unveiled a few months back it came with 15GB of 4G LTE data.  The plan now has 25GB of LTE data.

Total Wireless has also added a new multi-month plan option.  The new plan costs $90 for 90 service days and includes unlimited talk and text with 5GB of data to use every 30 days.

Additionally, the MVNO has extended its 50% bonus data promo.  The promo was first launched in October of 2018 and initially had an end date of 1/2/19.  The end date has now been extended until 3/31/2019 and there has been a small change to eligible plans.  (Update - this bonus data offer has now been extended until 7/2/2019).  The $50 plan is no longer eligible for the promotion presumably since it just got a data bump.

Total Wireless's Updated Phone Plans And 50% Bonus Data Promo Details

The bonus data promo is only for new customers that port in and are not coming from another Tracfone owned brand.  When I spoke to a representative when the promo was first announced months ago, I was told the bonus data would be for life as long as the customer keeps their line active.  The fine print on the Total Wireless website now lists that as well.

Here's what Total Wireless's updated phone plans look like with bonus data highlighted when available.

AP denotes auto-pay billing.

  • $33.20/month ($35 w/o AP) - 7.5GB, normally 5GB
  • $47.50/month ($50 w/o AP)- 25GB, no bonus data offer listed
  • $57.00/month ($60 w/o AP)- 22GB of shared data for up to 2 lines, normally 15GB
  • $80.70/month ($85 w/o AP) - 30GB of shared data for up to 3 lines, normally 20GB
  • $90/90 days - single line plan with 5GB of hard-capped data to use every 30 days
  • $95/month ($100 w/o AP)- 37.5GB of shared data for up to 4 lines, normally 25GB

The new 90-day $90 multi-month plan is basically the $35/month plan repackaged.  However, it is not being advertised as including bonus data, so I am not sure how this will gain any traction.

All Total Wireless plans include unlimited talk and text with the specified amount of data at LTE data speeds.  Data is hard capped so once you run out that's it for the month unless you purchase a data add-on card.  The data add-on card is priced at $10 for 5GB of add-on data.  The data add-on does not expire and rolls over indefinitely until it gets used up.

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Only thing missing is Tethering / Hot spot included. Negotiate hot spot and you are golden Total!!

Binu Samuel
Binu Samuel

With Total wireless to the best of my knowledge, the bonus data is only for the first month, you can keep this for life time. The bonus data does not repeat each month.

Yankee Pride
Yankee Pride

If Total Wireless had throttled or slowed data after you run out of high speed data like most other MVNO’s, instead of just a hard cap then I would sign up today. These are some good deals.


The $10 for 5gb rolling data is better then slowed data.

The only thing preventing me and others from being on Total is no hot spot. The occasional need for tethering is important and a deal breaker. Any hope for change in the future??


Tethering works just fine, and is not forbidden. On their web site there is a link for “Activate My Hotspot” so presumably they now support hot spots (Verizon Mi-Fi devices) as well. I’d much rather pay $10 for 5GB for the rare times I exceed the included data than to have slow data which is essentially unusable. The odd thing about their family plans is the more devices you add the less data per device. It should be equal or more data as you add more lines. 2 Devices: 15GB*1.5=22.5GB/2=11.25GB 3 Devices: 20GB*1.5=30GB/3=10GB 4 Devices 25GB*1.5=37.5GB/4=9.375GB I think it should… Read more »