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Total Wireless Makes 1st Changes Under Verizon, $50 Plan Now Unlimited

Total Wireless Goes Unlimited
Total Wireless Goes Unlimited
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Following in the footsteps of its sister brand Straight Talk Wireless, Total Wireless has made its first plan changes since being acquired by Verizon in late November.

For the first time ever, Total Wireless is now offering an unlimited high-speed data plan. Twitter user @KingOfTechDeals shared the update with Other changes include the ending of a double data offer, making double data permanent, and the addition of unlimited international calling to Canada and Mexico on at least one plan.

Total Wireless's Unlimited Data Plan Explained

Total Wireless has updated its $50/month plan, $47.50 with autopay billing enabled, to include unlimited high-speed data. The plan previously came with 25GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G data speeds. This is essentially the same change made last week at Straight Talk. Straight Talk's $45/month plan also went from 25GB of high-speed data to unlimited.

Total Wireless has also updated this plan to contain unlimited calling to both Canada and Mexico. At this time, it's the only Total Wireless plan to include the feature. The rest of the plan's features remain unchanged. It comes with 10GB of mobile hotspot, 50GB of cloud storage, and of course, unlimited talk and text.

Unlimited high-speed data may mean 60GB at least in some locations. Total Wireless's homepage says about the plan "Total Wireless reserves the right to review your account after 60GB." Some users have told BestMVNO that they've gone well over 60GB of usage with sister brand Straight Talk Wireless without issue, while for others it has been an issue.

Double Data Offer Made Permanent

In September, BestMVNO reported that Total Wireless was offering double data on its $35/month plan. The plan normally included 5GB of high-speed data before throttling to 2G data speeds. With the double data offer, customers got 10GB of high-speed data. And customers who bought their plan at Walmart got an additional 1GB of monthly bonus data with the plan bringing the total high-speed allotment to 11GB. Total Wireless has now made the double data offer permanent. Customers who shop at Walmart will still get an additional 1GB of high-speed data each month. The rest of the plan's details remain the same. It comes with unlimited talk and text and 5GB of data can be used for hotspot.

Straight Talk Wireless also made double data permanent on its $35 plan. The change was made last week. It also got a data boost to 10GB up from 5GB. However, unlike Total Wireless, there is no special bonus data offer available with this plan at Walmart.

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