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Ting Mobile Offering New Subscribers On Sprint Network A $50 Amazon Gift Card

Ting Mobile Offering New Subscribers $50 Amazon Gift Card
Ting Mobile Offering New Subscribers $50 Amazon Gift Card
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Ting Mobile has announced that it is offering new subscribers a $50 Amazon Gift card.  Ting Mobile operates on both the Sprint and T-Mobile networks, although earlier in the year the MVNO announced that it was discontinuing service on the T-Mobile network in favor of adding Verizon.  The $50 gift card offer is available to new customers that subscribe to Ting Mobile via the Sprint network.  Customers who subscribe on the T-Mobile network may be eligible for a $25 gift card.

Ting Mobile's $50 Gift Card Terms And Conditions

This offer is for new bring your own device customers only.  It is scheduled to be available until November 17th.  To qualify for the gift card offer, customers must activate on Ting's Sprint network and either maintain service for 6 months or consume $100 in service excluding taxes and service credits.  Those who maintain service for at least 6 months are also required to keep their account active by using some talk, text, or data each month during their monthly billing cycles.  Customers must also subscribe to the network via a special landing page on Ting's website.  If all qualifications are met, subscribers will receive a $50 gift card mailed to the email inbox they used to subscribe to Ting Mobile with.

Only one $50 Amazon gift card will be awarded per eligible account.  New customers who do not have a phone compatible with Ting's Sprint network but can activate on Ting's T-Mobile network and meet all other requirements will receive a $25 gift card.

Eligible Ting Mobile Plans

Ting Mobile does not actually sell phone plans.  Instead, the company bills its customers at the end of every month based on usage.  Rates are not exactly the cheapest around.

Ting charges subscribers $6 for every line they'd like connected to their Ting Mobile account.  Talk is billed at a starting rate of $3/month if 1-100 minutes get consumed.  Those who do not use any minutes in a month get billed $0 for talk.  Ting says the average customer uses 101-500 minutes a month which corresponds to a cost of $9. Text messaging also starts at $3/month if 1-100 text messages get sent.  Customers who do not send any text messages during a billing cycle will pay $0 during that billing cycle.  The average customer is said to spend about $5/month for text messaging service which corresponds to an allotment of 101-1,000 text messages a month.  Data starts at a rate of $3 for the first 1 to 100MB of data consumed.  The average customer spends about $10/month with Ting for data usage which covers usage of 101-500MB of data a month.  Adding it all up, the average Ting consumer spends $30/month plus taxes and fees to get up to 500 minutes, 1,000 text messages and 500MB of data.

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