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Ting Makes It Official, Now Offering Service On The Verizon Network

Ting Now Offering Service On The Verizon Network
Ting Now Offering Service On The Verizon Network
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Last summer, Ting announced that it was dropping T-Mobile as a network partner in favor of adding Verizon later in the year.  The reason for the change was due to the uncertainty over the T-Mobile Sprint merger.  However, in December of 2019 things changed and Ting announced that they came to an agreement with their GSM network partner, T-Mobile, to allow them to continue offering service on that network moving forward.

Fast forward to February 2020 and Ting has announced it is now offering service on the Verizon network.  The announcement was made through a Facebook post, a blog post, and via Twitter.

So from February 2020 onward, Ting will be offering wireless service on the Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon networks.  Ting is not making it clear on its website how to choose what network you want at signup as many other providers do.  Ting says the network will automatically be chosen for you based on whatever network works best in your given location.

Via social media, Ting has also told customers and current customers to get in contact with customer support if they'd like to get a specific SIM to use with a specific network.  When I put an old Verizon branded compatible phone into Ting's BYOD IMEI compatibility checker, it passed the checker.  That leads me to believe if I were to subscribe I would be sent a SIM card for Verizon's network.

Language on Ting's coverage map webpage does suggest that Verizon will likely be the default network for most new customers.  The page says "By piggybacking on America’s largest network, Ting makes sure you’re covered from coast to coast. Period."  America's largest network is, of course, Verizon Wireless.

More About Ting

Unlike most providers, Ting does not actually sell traditional phone plansInstead, the company bills its customers at the end of every month based on usage. Ting charges a $6/month line access fee on top of its usage rates.  Usage rates are then billed based on the pricing shown in the picture below.

Ting Mobile Usage Rates
Ting Mobile Usage Rates

Free Moto G7 Giveaway

Currently, Ting is running a free Moto G7 giveaway.  You don't even need to be a customer to win.  To enter the contest, simply head on over to the Ting website and fill out your email address in the applicable form.

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