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TextNow Updates Plans With Up To 50% More Data, Improves Call Quality

By Joe Paonessa – Jul 26, 2016
TextNow Elastic Calling

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Sprint MVNO TextNow announced a new technology that it calls Elastic Calling which improves on its ability to route calls between WiFi and Cellular networks.

TextNow touts itself as the worlds first all IP cloud based mobile phone carrier and the first to offer WiFi to cellular VoIP (data network) hand offs.  Traditionally with TextNow calls could transition between WiFi and cellular data networks without the subscriber knowing.  TextNow Elastic Calling builds upon this technology by offering handover capability at all levels which includes between WiFi and cellular data and now over traditional cellular voice as well.  The technology works in real time, similar to Republic Wireless's Bonded Calling, with TextNow's Elastic Calling calls can be seamlessly transitioned to the optimal network in mid conversation.  Subscribers can expect to experience better call quality and a decrease in dropped calls with the new technology.

In addition to the new technology, the Sprint MVNO is celebrating its 3 year anniversary by updating its plans for the better and all current customers will automatically be transitioned to them without any interaction necessary.

TextNow Plan Updates

The new and improved plans are as follows and all include unlimited talk, text and 2G data:

  • Short Plan - New Plan priced at $13.99/month with 100 MB of data
  • Grande Plan, now has 1.5 GB of LTE data up from 1 GB
  • Venti Plan, now has 3 GB of LTE data up from 2 GB
  • Quattro, now has 6 GB of LTE data up from 4 GB

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