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Tello Mobile Offers New Subscribers Any Plan For $3, Current Subscribers Can Earn Free Account Credits Upon Renewal

New Subscribers Can Get Any Tello Plan For $3
New Subscribers Can Get Any Tello Plan For $3
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Tello Mobile officially turned 3 years old on May 5th.  The company is celebrating its 3 year anniversary by offering a plethora of promotions for both new and existing subscribers. New customers can subscribe to any Tello plan for just $3.  Existing customers who renew select plans or switch to one of several plans will be rewarded with up to $20 in account credits.  The Sprint powered MVNO is offering 10 lucky subscribers a free plan with 10GB of data for one month.  Tello is also running an iPhone 8 giveaway with a free year of service through an offer on Facebook to go alongside with giveaways via Reddit.

New Subscriber $3 For Any Plan Offer Details

Now through May 16, if you signup with Tello you'll be able to subscribe to any plan for just $3 for your first month of service.  Tello offers its subscribers the ability to custom build their own phone plan.  Subscribers can pair a data allotment with a talk allotment of their choosing.  Or they can just purchase a plan with just data or just talk.  In either case, all options include free unlimited texting.

Of all possible plan combinations, the best deal for new subscribers will be to signup for the plan option with unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 10GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds.  The plan is normally priced at $39/month, so at $3 for the first month, it is quite a deal.  The plan also includes mobile hotspot, and unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, and China.

If after the first month of service you find unlimited minutes or 10GB of data to be more than you need, you can switch to any other Tello plan combination you'd like.  Some other popular Tello plan options include the following:

  • $9/month - 200 minutes, 200MB data
  • $14/month - 1GB of 4G LTE data
  • $19/month - 2GB of 4G LTE data
  • $24/month - 3GB of 4G LTE data
  • $29/month - 4GB of 4G LTE data

Unless specified, all plan options highlighted also include unlimited talk, text, and data with the indicated amount of data at 4G LTE data speeds.  Mobile hotspot and international calling at no extra charge to Mexico, Canada and China are included as well.

Promotions For Current Tello Mobile Subscribers

If you are already a Tello subscriber you can earn account credits just by recharging or changing to one of several Tello Mobile plans between May 7 and May 21.  Eligible plans include the following:

  • If you buy 3GB + unlimited talk & text ($24/month), you get a $10 account credit
  • If you buy 4GB + unlimited talk & text ($29/month), you get a $15 account credit
  • If you buy 10GB + unlimited talk & text ($39/month), you get a $20 account credit

The account credits can be used to pay for your phone bill or to buy a new phone.  Tello account credits cannot be used for partial payments at this time.  If you want to use them, you must have enough to cover the entire cost of your plan or phone purchase. The reward credits do not expire unless there is no activity in your account for a period of 6 months.

Tello Mobile is also giving away one free month of service on their $39 plan to 10 lucky subscribers deemed as VIP customers. Tello has not specified how the winners will be chosen, but I suspect by random draw.

iPhone 8 Facebook Giveaway And Reddit Offer Details

For a chance to win an iPhone 8 and a free year of service, Tello asks you to follow their Facebook page to receive notifications and details on how to win.  Full giveaway details on how to win have not been announced yet.

Tello has not yet specified what is being given away through Reddit, but asks that you follow this subreddit thread if you want to stay informed on what's coming.

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