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Tello Mobile Is Doubling Referral Credits To $20 For A Limited Time

Tello Mobile Offering Double Referral Credits To Current Customers
Tello Mobile Offering Double Referral Credits To Current Customers
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For a limited time, Tello Mobile is doubling the amount of referral credits that customers will receive for recruiting new subscribers to their network.  Instead of the regular rate of $10, customers will now receive $20 in Tello dollars for their efforts.  The increased rate is scheduled to be in effect at least until 11/24/2019.  Tello Mobile says it has launched the promotion to correspond with "World Kindness Day" which is November 14th.  The company is marketing the new promotion as a way to celebrate and reward its current customers for being loyal to the brand.

How Do Tello Mobile Referral Credits Work?

Customers can find their unique referral link in their Tello account dashboard.  The link can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or anywhere else on the web.  New customers who signup through another subscriber's referral link will receive $10 in Tello dollars. This is the regular rate for new customers.  The subscriber responsible for the referral for a limited time gets $20 in Tello dollars.

Tello dollars can be used to buy a new phone from Tello or to pay your phone bill.  One Tello dollar is the equivalent of a $1 account credit.  Tello dollars can be used to pay for an entire phone bill, but cannot be used to pay for anything less than the bill's total amount.  No partial payments are allowed with Tello dollars.  Customers who want to redeem their Tello dollars must manually do so.  They do not automatically get applied to the customer's phone bill.

More About Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile is an MVNO on the Sprint network.  It is one of the cheapest Sprint based providers on the market.  Plans start at just $5/month for the subscriber's choice of either 500MB of data with unlimited texts or 100 minutes with unlimited texts.  One popular and cheap Tello plan costs $14/month for unlimited talk, text, and data with the first 2GB of data each month at 4G LTE data speeds before throttling to 2G data speeds.

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