Tello Mobile Doubles Referral Program Payouts To $20

Tello Mobile For A Limited Time Is Offering Double The Referral Credits
Tello Mobile For A Limited Time Is Offering Double The Referral Credits


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Tello Mobile has updated its referral program.  Those who successfully refer someone to signup with the wireless provider will now get a $20 account credit.  Previously $10 was awarded to the referrer.  This is a limited time offer.  Tello Mobile subscribers have until November 15th to earn the extra rewards.  After that, the referral rate drops back down to $10.

How To Use The Referral Program

To take advantage of the Tello Mobile referral program, subscribers will need to get a unique code that they can use to share on Facebook, Twitter, email and around the web.  The unique code can be found simply by logging into your Tello account dashboard.  It will be one of the first things that you see and it should be a series of letters and numbers.  The person or people that you refer to Tello must then input that code into the appropriate field when they create an account with Tello.  If done correctly, you'll get $20 when they signup, while the new customer will also get a $10 account credit.

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How The Account Credits Work

The account credits can be used to make any purchase from Tello.  You can use them to purchase a mobile phone or to pay for your plan.  The credits can only be redeemed once you have enough to pay for your entire invoice.  No partial payments are allowed at this time.

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Tello Mobile account credits never expire with an active account.  However, if the account holder registers no activity in their account for a period of 6 months, meaning they place no orders, calls, etc, they will lose their account credits.

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More About Tello Mobile

Tello Mobile is a Sprint MVNO that launched in 2015.  Plans start at just $5/month and customers have the ability to custom build their own phone plans.  Popular Tello plans include the following:

  • Economy Plan - $10/month - 200 minutes, 500MB of LTE data
  • Starter Plan - $14/month - unlimited talk, 1GB LTE data
  • Smart Plan - $24/month - unlimited talk, 3GB LTE data
  • Data Heavy Plan - $39/month - unlimited talk, 10GB LTE data

All plans include unlimited texting and data, with data speeds reduced to 2G once the plans LTE data allotment gets used up.  Calls to Mexico, Canada and China are included with all calling plans at no extra charge.  Data containing plans include mobile hotspot.  Taxes and fees cost extra.

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