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T-Mobile Responds to the Competition and Releases New Family Plan

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By Joe Paonessa – Jul 29, 2015
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As soon as Sprint announced their new Family Share Pack plan, T-mobile immediately responded with a new Family Plan offering of their own.

Unlike Sprint's offering which is only available to customers porting over from another carrier, T-Mobile will allow all current and new customers to signup for the plan.  T-Mobile's new offering is currently only available in store or via a phone call to the carrier (1-877-772-2453) and it includes unlimited talk, text and 10 GB of 4G LTE data per line for 4 lines at a cost of $120.  The plan is actually available for 2 or more lines though pricing varies depending on the number of lines you have.  I spoke to a T-Mobile representative who said 2 lines with 10 GB of data each line is $100 plus taxes.  Up to 10 lines with 10 GB of data each can be added to the family plan.

The new plan is simply being referred to as "10 Gigs 4 All" or "Amped".  Although this offering on the surface is $20 more per month for a family of 4 when compared to Sprint's offering, T-Mobile's option does include data stash so that any used data in a month gets rolled over to the next month and stays in your account for a period of up to one year.  Furthermore, T-Mobile's plan includes Music Freedom so that streaming music from select providers does not count against your data cap.  The plan also includes unlimited calling and texting to Mexico and Canada as well as the ability to use your phone in those countries with no extra charges.

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I like T-Mobile's quick response to the competition's pricing and plan changes, however, I wish they made the plan a little bit easier to obtain like being able to quickly signup for it online.  It would also be nice if they could drop the price down a bit more to match Sprint's offering, but at least the carrier is offering the plan to all current and new customers unlike the competition.  So what do you think of T-Mobile's new family plan?  Will you be signing up for it?

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