Straight Talk’s New 2 GB $35 Plan Mysteriously Disappears Yet Again

Straight Talk Wireless 2GB Plan Disappears Again
Straight Talk Wireless 2GB Plan Disappears Again


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For the second time in the past few months, Straight Talk has removed the 2 GB $35 plan from its website as I was informed this morning by an angry customer.  The first time this happened was just days after the plan was originally announced.  Straight Talk has not made any comments about the plans disappearance so I can only speculate about what is going on here.

The $35 plan featured featured unlimited talk, text and data with the first 2 GB at 4G LTE speeds.  It was not very competitively priced in the market no matter which network the plan was being used on. Straight Talk Wireless uses all 4 major USA carriers as network partners.

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Straight Talk's long time sister brand, NET10 Wireless recently updated its phone plans to include even more data at that price point with 4 GB available for $36 and it also now has a plan with 2 GB of data for $31.

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Straight Talk is actually owned by TracFone and with 2 GB of data being offered for $35 it would make Straight Talk essentially the most expensive TracFone brand to feature 2 GB of data.  Given this fact, it is quite possible that Straight Talk will release new plans at these lower price points to be more competitive with its other brands and other MVNO's in general.  It's also possible that Straight Talk just wants to focus on its higher priced plans that perhaps offer the company better margins.

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