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Simple Mobile Now Offering Multi-Line Discounts, Get 2 Lines Of Unlimited Everything For Just $75/Month

Simple Mobile Adds Mult-Line Discounts
Simple Mobile Adds Mult-Line Discounts
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Simple Mobile is now offering multi-line discounts on a majority of its phone plans.  The MVNO has also added the ability for its subscribers to detect and block scam phone calls.

Simple Mobile Multi-Line Plan Discounts

Here's a summary of the plans that Simple Mobile is offering a discount on to subscribers that have more than one line of service.  For all plans listed, Simple Mobile is offering $25 off each additional line that is added to an account.  A maximum of 4 additional lines can receive the discount.

  • $30/month - single line price with unlimited everything and the first 2GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds plus mobile hotspot.  Priced at $28.50 with Auto ReUp enabled.
  • $40/month - single line price with unlimited everything and the first 6 GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds plus mobile hotspot. Priced at $37.50 with Auto ReUp enabled.
  • $50/month - unlimited everything with unlimited LTE data. Video streaming limited to a resolution of 480p and no mobile hotspot allowed.  Priced at $45/month with Auto ReUp enabled.
  • $60/month - unlimited everything with unlimited LTE data.  Video streaming limited to a resolution of 480p.  10 GB of mobile hotspot data is included. Priced at $57/month with Auto ReUp enabled.

Simple Mobile sells one other phone plan, however it is ineligible for the multi-line discount.  The plan costs $25/month for unlimited everything with the first 1 GB of data at 4G LTE data speeds.  Mobile hotspot is also included.  With Auto ReUp enabled the plan is discounted to $23.75/month.

All rates should be effective at least until 3/31/18.  All plans include international talk and text to over 60 countries.

Scam ID Call Detection And Blocking

Simple Mobile is a TracFone owned brand. TracFone Wireless has had an app developed called CallDetector that can be used to file FTC complaints against abusive telemarketers, block scam calls and block callers by entire call category types.  Among other features, CallDetector also offers its users the ability to know who is calling them and why.

A couple of weeks ago Simple Mobile announced on its Facebook page that the app is now free for its subscribers. All other TracFone owned brands are also able to use the app free of charge.  Those who are not subscribed to a TracFone owned brand can still download the app for free, however the app's features will be limited.

CallDetector is unavailable on iOS devices and limited to Android phones.  The app currently has a user rating of 4.4 stars with over 11,000 reviews in the Google Play Store.

The app has actually been available for a few years, so it is unclear to me why Simple Mobile is just starting to announce that it is now available for free.  From my research around the web, the best I can tell is that at one point users had to pay for feature upgrades, a subscription, or were hit with ads.

Analysis And More About Simple Mobile

The addition of multi-line pricing gives Simple Mobile a way to better compete with the major carrier brands.  Multi-line pricing is currently a weakness in the MVNO market and often does not fare well compared to postpaid offers from the major carriers and their prepaid brands.   The $75 for two lines with unlimited data offer is currently one of the cheapest multi-line unlimited data plans on the market.

Scam and spam phone calls are something that surely annoys all of us.  Having an easy way to help deter it is always welcomed.  I'm not sure why Simple Mobile and the other Tracfone owned brands don't advertise the feature more.  Scam and spam phone call blocking has become a selling point in recent months for the major wireless carriers and their prepaid brands.

About Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile is a prepaid wireless brand that operates on the T-Mobile network.  It is part of the Tracfone owned family of brands which account for roughly 25 million subscribers in the USA.

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